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Amp - Asynchronous concurrency made simple ⋅ amphp
Asynchronous concurrency made simple
Amp is a non-blocking concurrency framework for PHP providing primitives to manage concurrency such as an event loop, promises, and asynchronous iterators.

It implements coroutines using PHP's generators to avoid callback or then() hells. Promise consumption works without callbacks and allows ordinary catch clauses just as synchronous code for handling errors.
php  async  framework  nonblocking  eventloop  generators  promises  coroutines  coroutine 
yesterday by wjy
`for-await-of` and synchronous iterables
This blog post describes how `for-await-of` handles synchronous iterables. `for-await-of` is a core construct of asynchronous iteration. You can read up on it in the blog post “ES proposal: asynchronous iteration”.
async  stream  streams  node.js  iteration  iterator 
yesterday by nharbour
Listening to renders · Issue #728 · airbnb/enzyme
it('works async', done => {
const response = Promise.resolve({ fakeData: 42 })
setUpMockApiCall(api.getData, response)
const wrapper = mount(<MyComponent />)
response.then(() => {
react  async 
2 days ago by dugdigsdemdogs
Swirrl Blog | Creating Asynchronous, Embeddable JavaScript Widgets
We recently worked with DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Govermnent) to produce an online dashboard that enables users to see how the department is performing against key indicators.
javascript  widget  embed  async  embedjs  howto  js  ohyah  web-app-development  web-development 
3 days ago by ninjakttty
await vs return vs return await -
When writing async functions, there are differences between await vs return vs return await, and picking the right one is important.
async  javascript  concurrency  programming  tips 
4 days ago by cito
Asynchronous programming | Microsoft Docs
If you have any I/O-bound needs (such as requesting data from a network or accessing a database), you'll want to utilize asynchronous programming. You could also have CPU-bound code, such as performing an expensive calculation, which is also a good scenario for writing async code.

C# has a language-level asynchronous programming model which allows for easily writing asynchronous code without having to juggle callbacks or conform to a library which supports asynchrony. It follows what is known as the Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP).
async  dotnet  csharp 
5 days ago by andyhuey
Async Main() is available, but hidden – The Brain Dump
I love C# and I try to keep up with the latest features. What I didn’t realize until recently is that the C# 7.1 features are already released. And C# 7.1 includes asynchronous Main methods. Awesome!
csharp  dotnet  async 
5 days ago by andyhuey
await vs return vs return await
When writing async functions, there are differences between await vs return vs return await, and picking the right one is important.
await  async  javascript 
5 days ago by j0k

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