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John Foot's The Man Who Closed the Asylums: Franco Basaglia and the Revolution in Mental Health Care has been praised in the Guardian and Financial Times for its sensitivity and deft overview of mental health care in 1960s Italy.
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Foot's work is the first comprehensive study of Franco Basaglia's revolutionary approach to mental health care. The Man Who Closed the Asylums is a gripping account of one of the most influential movements in twentieth century psychiatry, which helped to transform the way we see mental illness. This week the Guardian, the Financial Times and Nature review have commented. 
Tobias Jones from the Guardian writes: 

It all makes for a fascinating, nuanced narrative in which the lines between the sick and the well, between the democratic free world and a violent, repressive one, are repeatedly blurred.

Visit the Guardian to read the article in full.
The Financial Times comments:
Foot deals deftly and in detail with the hugely contentious, mostly misleading, term "anti-psychiatry", preferring to use "radical" or "critical" psychiatry.

And lastly, Andrea Tone for Nature praised Foot's passion and the radical nature of the story itself:
...Foot's impassioned story reminds us that the future is neither immutable nor ordained, and that small groups of people in peripheral places can change history.

Tone's article is available here and free to subscription holders. via The Man who Closed the Asylums - "a fascinating, nuanced narrative"
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Sock Monkey
"Grace is Danny's world. What happens when he loses her?"
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Folie a Deux
"At Lofty Pines Mental Institution, Jensen and Jared try to work through their delusions of being Dean and Sam Winchester.


At Lofty Pines Mental Institution, Dean and Sam Winchester are being manipulated into thinking they're Jensen and Jared."
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"The guilt of his choices is weighing heavily on Tony and when the Extremis reemerges, it drives him to the point of madness. He struggles to come to terms with his guilt and rebuild his life."
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