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In 2017, the top countries of origin for people seeking "affirmative" were and
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NEW: just issued new rule that would effectively end asylum protections for most people arriving fr…
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RT : NEW: just issued new rule that would effectively end asylum protections for most people arriving fr…
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Ocasio-Cortez describes 'horrifying' conditions at Texas migrant facility - Reuters
Horrible conditions face migrants along USA border, including abuse by personnel #asylum #refugee
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Caught Between Borders: Closed borders and closed minds are trapping African LGBTI asylum seekers in hostile countries
Ultimately, Nathan believes that the current asylum system is broken for LGBTI asylum seekers and cannot offer them adequate protection. It is “virtually impossible to guarantee safety to someone who is LGBTI and on African soil,” she said. “To be safe, they need to be resettled in a third country — a country that is known to be friendly to LGBTI people,” like the United States, Canada, or one in Europe.

For many, however, that safety is out of reach. Resettlement through UNHCR is a long and arduous process: According to the agency, only 4 percent of refugees in Africa considered to be in need will be resettled in third countries this year, after waiting between one to five years. Because of the persecution LGBTI asylum seekers face in refugee camps, UNHCR tries to prioritize their resettlement — even so, it can take years before the process is complete.
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