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What Astronomers Are Learning From Gaia’s New Milky Way Map | Quanta Magazine
A roundup of some of the most important discoveries gleaned so far from the Gaia space observatory’s new map of the galaxy.
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5 weeks ago by gmisra
[1804.08730] Life, the universe, and everything - 42 fundamental questions
Roland E. Allen und Suzy Lidström stellen 42 Fragen an Big Thought zusammen:
In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is found to be 42 -- but the meaning of this is left open to interpretation. We take it to mean that there are 42 fundamental questions which must be answered on the road to full enlightenment, and we attempt a first draft (or personal selection) of these ultimate questions, on topics ranging from the cosmological constant and origin of the universe to the origin of life and consciousness.
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6 weeks ago by walt74
Bad Astronomy | A *ridiculously* huge image of spectacular star birth
That stunning image shows three vast star-forming regions: the Omega Nebula (also called the Swan Nebula, if you see it upside down) on the left, the Eagle in the middle, and Sharpless 2-54 on the right. Each of these is a huge cloud of gas and dust, churning away to birth stars like queen bees in their hives.
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7 weeks ago by deprecated
栗まんじゅう問題 - アンサイクロペディア

ひとたびブラックホールとなり、すべての栗まんじゅうが事象の地平面の内側に入ってしまった場合、それらは我々の観測可能な宇宙から切り離される。この状態になれば、事象の地平面の外側から見る限り、分裂が停止したものとして扱える。 "
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8 weeks ago by incep
Trouble Detected in Infamous Dark Matter Signal | Quanta Magazine
New results from a decades-old experiment were initially touted as further evidence for dark matter. But independent scientists have cast serious doubt on that claim, leaving most everyone puzzled.
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8 weeks ago by gmisra
Hubble Telescope Reveals Source of Gas Streaming Into Milky Way | Simons Foundation
The Leading Arm of the Magellanic Stream originates primarily from a nearby dwarf galaxy called the Small Magellanic Cloud
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10 weeks ago by gmisra
Dozen black holes found at galactic centre - BBC News
A dozen black holes may lie at the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way, researchers have said.
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10 weeks ago by gmisra
A Victory for Dark Matter in a Galaxy Without Any | Quanta Magazine
Paradoxically, a small galaxy that seems to contain none of the invisible stuff known as “dark matter” may help prove that it exists.
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11 weeks ago by gmisra
Whisper From the First Stars Sets Off Loud Dark Matter Debate | Quanta Magazine
A surprise discovery announced a month ago suggested that the early universe looked very different than previously believed. Initial theories that the discrepancy was due to dark matter have come under fire.
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11 weeks ago by gmisra

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