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What does Aquarius sun, Pisces rising and Cancer moon mean?
"The moon as fifth lord to Pisces in own house is vey goodYou will have the results of previous good karma. Good imagination, very emotional and mentally strong. You will have a beautiful daughter like the moon. Sun as sixth lord placed in the twelveth house one way good as it will help you to serve abroad in a big company or in medical line. Only your relationship with your father needs improvement."

for some reason I've always thought it i ever have children and have a daughter, my daughter would be like a kpop star or model (no pressure, future possible daughter; i think you should study)
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2 days ago by skwak
Scientific totalism
Argues that science asserts that it is the only authority for explaining the world; self-referentially it discredits anything that isn't "scientific"
science  totalism  authoritarianism  history  church  renaissance  pointofview  astrology  spirituality  proof 
4 days ago by csrollyson
2019 Mercury Retrograde Calendar
One of the most useful, relatively brief yet thorough explanations of Mercury rx I've seen #kudos
mercury  retrograde  reference  date  2019Q1  Q3  Q4  shadow  communication  business  travel  astrology 
4 days ago by csrollyson
Casebooks Project
The Casebooks Project is a team of scholars at the University of Cambridge, led by Professor Lauren Kassell. We spent a decade studying the medical records of the astrologers Simon Forman and Richard Napier.
28 days ago by SwordQueen
Venus in Scorpio

She's only interested in one other to intensely demonstrate the violence of her affections. And when she finds the object of her love, her heart will ignite like wildfire, and only madness can ever adequately describe the way she seeks to love and to be appreciated.

No, she is not interested in the kind of love that takes you in, serves you a cup of tea, and pats you on the shoulder. That kind of insouciance is sure to drive her crazy.

Give her a love that casts her madly unto the night breezes, setting her ferocious spirit ablaze, burning through the skies and igniting the night like a flaming phoenix; a love that's scorching and intense, like a white-hot poker, it will melt through all your resistances, your perfect reasonings and your strongest defenses and meet you at the the core of your everything you fear to lose.
Ang Stoic
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4 weeks ago by juandante
Dedicated to understanding the place of individual human beings in the unfolding evolutionary process
astrology  mindfulness  consciousness  spirituality  philosophy  bullsi  reference  bullsi2 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
Brainstorm: Jupiter/Midheaven Astrology Aspects – AstroFix
Describes tendencies of all contacts between MC and Jupiter, so need to distill the specific contact
astrology  reference  midheaven  jupiter  interpretation  bullsi 
5 weeks ago by csrollyson
Astrology Year Zero | Lauren Oyler
The new astrology is anything but passive, but it nevertheless rejects true agency, not by suggesting the stars might be in control but by insinuating that taking control yourself is easy, a matter of identification.
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6 weeks ago by daniel.c.mccarthy
Planetary Hours And Days
(works but doesn't archive as it's a .jsp page)
6 weeks ago by firebird

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