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International prevalence of fragrance sensitivity | SpringerLink
“Fragrance sensitivity” is a health condition characterized by adverse health effects from exposure to fragranced consumer products (Caress and Steinemann 2009). A “fragranced consumer product” (or “fragranced product”) is a product that contains an added fragrance or that is largely comprised of fragrance (Steinemann 2016). Fragranced products can include air fresheners, deodorizers, cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, essential oils, scented candles, soaps, personal care products, colognes, and hand sanitizers, to name a few out of numerous everyday items. A single “fragrance” in a product is typically a complex mixture of dozens of compounds, many derived from petrochemicals (Sell 2006), among nearly 4000 documented fragrance ingredients (IFRA 2016).

No law in any country requires full disclosure of all ingredients in a fragrance. Instead of listing specific ingredients, a product may list the general term “fragrance” (or another legally accepted term, such as “perfume”). Further, no law requires full disclosure of all ingredients in a consumer product (other than for foods, drugs, and cosmetics), not even the general term “fragrance.” Thus, consumers have limited information about individual fragrance ingredients in a product as well as whether a product even contains a fragrance (Lunny et al. 2017; Steinemann 2009).

Exposure to fragranced products has been associated with a range of adverse human health and societal effects among the general population, and especially among vulnerable sub-populations such as individuals with asthma (Weinberg et al. 2017; Steinemann 2018c; Steinemann et al. 2018), autism (Steinemann 2018d), and chemical sensitivity (Steinemann 2019). Fragrance sensitivity can also be considered a disabling health condition that is covered under disability legislation in certain countries. However, relatively little research has investigated the prevalence of fragrance sensitivity, and more specifically links between fragranced consumer products and adverse health and societal effects.

This study investigates the effects of exposure to fragranced products on adults in four countries: United States (US), Australia (AU), United Kingdom (UK), and Sweden (SE). It builds upon and extends the individual national studies in the US, AU, UK, and SE (Steinemann 2016, 2017a, 2018a, b), offering greater breadth and depth of analysis, including new data and results on specific fragranced product exposures associated with specific health effects, amounts and costs of lost workdays and lost jobs, and comparisons and summaries across countries.
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Scientists discover mechanics of asthmatic bronchial spasm | Yale West Campus
ed by Andre Levchenko, Director of the Yale Systems Biology Institute, the team found new types of positive negative feedback loops can drive the bronchospasm following a trigger such as smoke. Following initial constriction, the airways activate a cellular machinery that detects mechanical stress, initiating the secretion of hormone-like compounds which can induce an additional constriction or relax it.
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Protein crystallization promotes type 2 immunity and is reversible by antibody treatment | Science
Our results demonstrate that CLCs are more than just markers of eosinophilic inflammation. Rather, Gal10 is released by activated eosinophils and undergoes a phase transition to a crystalline state that actively promotes key features of asthma.
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RT : 25 studies on the effects and treatment of , , and , plus best ways to improve therapy adher…
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