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Gravity ‘anomaly’ at Moon’s south pole could be buried metallic asteroid • Extreme Tech
Ryan Whitwam:
<p>The leading explanation for the gravitational anomaly, <a href="">according to the researchers</a>, is that the object responsible for the crater is still mostly intact beneath the surface. So, some 4 billion years ago, a mostly metallic asteroid hit the moon and remains embedded in the mantle to this day. Another potential explanation is that the region is naturally rich in oxides that formed as the moon cooled in the distant past. However, the overlap of the crater and increased gravity seems a bit too convenient.

If there is a large metallic object buried under the South Pole-Aitken basin, it could tell us something about the moon’s interior. After four billion years, the iron-nickel remains of the asteroid would have been dispersed throughout the mantle if the moon was geologically active for any significant period of time.</p>

Ooooh is it a radio-opaque obelisk with proportions of 1:4:9? Looking forward to the expedition visiting it.
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8 days ago by charlesarthur
Modelling For Asteroids
"M4AST (Modeling for Asteroids) is a free on-line tool for modeling visible and near-ir spectra of atmosphereless bodies."
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22 days ago by jwh
Steam-powered spacecraft could jump-start asteroid exploration - MIT Technology Review
"After landing on an icy body such an asteroid, WINE will drill into the ice. It melts the water, captures it, and refreezes it inside the spacecraft’s tank, which takes up about a third of its volume. When it’s ready to prepare for takeoff, it heats the frozen water using solar or nuclear power over the course of about 10 days, building up pressure inside. Then, in a burst, the pressure is released as steam, firing the spacecraft to its next nearby destination."
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6 weeks ago by jwh
Following its discovery, continued nearing Earth, reaching closest approach on 13 May. Unfortuna…
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7 weeks ago by freerange_inc
After Dino-Killing Asteroid Impact, Life Re-Emerged Quickly | Space
But when the asteroid slammed into the Earth, it almost immediately created a 150-km-wide (90 miles) sterile region where no life could survive. Measurements of the seafloor taken in the 1970s revealed this dead zone, Lowery said, though its source was then unknown. 
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11 weeks ago by trustfundbaby
Found: fossil 'mother lode' created by asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs | Science | The Guardian
2019-04-01, by Agence France Presse,

"(...) In a paper to be published on Monday, a team of paleontologists at the University of Kansas say they found a “mother lode of exquisitely preserved animal and fish fossils” in what is now North Dakota. (...)

At the fossil site – called Tanis in North Dakota’s Hell Creek Formation – the surge left “a tangled mass of freshwater fish, terrestrial vertebrates, trees, branches, logs, marine ammonites and other marine creatures”, according to Robert DePalma, the report’s lead author. (...)

“The sedimentation happened so quickly everything is preserved in three dimensions – they’re not crushed,” said co-author David Burnham. “It’s like an avalanche that collapses almost like a liquid, then sets like concrete. They were killed pretty suddenly because of the violence of that water. We have one fish that hit a tree and was broken in half.”

The fossils at Tanis include what were believed to be several newly identified fish species, and others that were “the best examples of their kind”, said DePalma, curator of the Palm Beach Museum of Natural History in Florida.

“We look at moment-by-moment records of one of the most notable impact events in Earth’s history. No other site has a record quite like that,” he said. (...)"
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11 weeks ago by eric.brechemier

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