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Zuckerberg’s preposterous defense of Facebook • The New York Times
Zeynp Tufekci:
<p>Are you bothered by fake news, systematic misinformation campaigns and Facebook “dark posts” — micro-targeted ads not visible to the public — aimed at African-Americans to discourage them from voting? You must be one of those people “upset about ideas” you disagree with.

Are you troubled when agents of a foreign power pose online as American Muslims and post incendiary content that right-wing commentators can cite as evidence that all American Muslims are sympathizers of terrorist groups like the Islamic State? Sounds like you can’t handle a healthy debate.

Does it bother you that Russian actors bought advertisements aimed at swing states to sow political discord during the 2016 presidential campaign, and that it took eight months after the election to uncover any of this? Well, the marketplace of ideas isn’t for everyone.

Mr. Zuckerberg’s preposterous defense of Facebook’s failure in the 2016 presidential campaign is a reminder of a structural asymmetry in American politics. It’s true that mainstream news outlets employ many liberals, and that this creates some systemic distortions in coverage (effects of trade policies on lower-income workers and the plight of rural America tend to be underreported, for example). But bias in the digital sphere is structurally different from that in mass media, and a lot more complicated than what programmers believe.

In a largely automated platform like Facebook, what matters most is not the political beliefs of the employees but the structures, algorithms and incentives they set up, as well as what oversight, if any, they employ to guard against deception, misinformation and illegitimate meddling. And the unfortunate truth is that by design, business model and algorithm, Facebook has made it easy for it to be weaponized to spread misinformation and fraudulent content. Sadly, this business model is also lucrative, especially during elections. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, called the 2016 election “a big deal in terms of ad spend” for the company, and it was. No wonder there has been increasing scrutiny of the platform.</p>

Tefekci has the rare ability to show how the behaviour and setups that so many companies believe are axiomatic are actually flawed. She's like a human version of Gödel's theorem.
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october 2017 by charlesarthur
Learn why never to accept an and strive for facts every time →
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march 2017 by clientsurgeseo
PRECOIL - Innovation Consulting Agency
Few nice resources here. Particularly like the Assumption Mapping.
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february 2017 by boxman
I was vilified for telling the truth about racism in Toronto | Toronto Star
A co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto considers why the controversy over a months-old tweet she wrote has drowned out the accomplishments of her movement
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april 2016 by tcgonline

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