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july 2018 by anandsoft
Connected Files (e.g. foo.htm and folder foo_files are connected)
User Nyalotha on StackExchange asked on asked Aug 10 '17 at 13:20 the brilliant question:

"Almost every time you save a web page from a web browser to your local computer a PAGENAME.html(htm) file is created and a folder named 'PAGENAME_files' that contains resources specific to that page.

"If you copy/move/delete either the folder or the .html file windows automatically does the same operation the other file as well.

"This behaviour also happens if you create a file named 1.html and a folder called 1_files.

"How does this link happen? And Why it works only with web files?"

User Anders responded with the best possible answer:
This is a shell feature, not a file system feature. The shell copy engine just looks for a folder with the same name (plus a localized suffix) when copying/moving .htm[l] files.

This feature is called Connected Files and is documented here.
{the link to this Pin at microsoft "Managing the File System" under the section "Connected Files"

HTML documents often have a number of associated graphics files, a style sheet file, several Microsoft JScript (compatible with ECMA 262 language specification ) files, and so on. When you move or copy the primary HTML document, you also usually want to move or copy its associated files to avoid breaking links. Unfortunately, there has been no easy way until now to determine which files are related to any given HTML document other than by analyzing their contents. To alleviate this problem, Windows 2000 provides a simple way to connect a primary HTML document to its group of associated files. If file connection is enabled, when the document is moved or copied all its connected files go with it.

To create a group of connected files, the primary document must have an .htm or .html file name extension. Create a subfolder of the primary document's parent folder. The subfolder's name must be the name of the primary document, minus the .htm or .html extension, followed by one of the extensions listed below. The most commonly used extensions are ".files" or "_files". For instance, if the primary document is named MyDoc.htm, naming the subfolder "MyDoc_files" defines the subfolder as the container for the document's connected files. If the primary document is moved or copied, the subfolder and its files are moved or copied as well.

For some languages, it is possible to use a localized equivalent of "_files" to create a subfolder for connected files. The following table lists the valid strings that can be appended to a document name to create a connected files subfolder. Note that some of these strings have '-' as their first character rather than '_' or '.':

"_archivos" "_arquivos" "_bestanden" "_bylos"
"-Dateien" "_datoteke" "_dosyalar" "_elemei"
"_failid" "_fails" "_fajlovi" "_ficheiros"
"_fichiers" "-filer" ".files" "_files"
"_file" "_fitxers" "_fitxategiak" "_pliki"
"_soubory" "_tiedostot"

Note This feature is sensitive to the case of the extension. For instance, for the example given above, a subfolder named "MyDoc_Files" will not be connected to MyDoc.htm.
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may 2018 by Tonti
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april 2018 by anandsoft

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