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Much of Human Bonding is Excluding Others – Emma Lindsay – Medium
People always joke about how “millennials” are soft and easily traumatized, and of course we are. Our communities are breaking down, and people report feeling lonelier than ever before. We are facing an epidemic of loneliness. Without strong social support, how are we going to have the strength to face the most emotionally painful parts of our lives?

Joining the incel-discussion facebook group was interesting, because it helped me see a lot of the factors surrounding me with my sexual assault. For instance, when I was younger, I believed other nerdy people — including men — were my people. Since we shared the similar experience of being socially ostracized, I assumed we could meet each other with a type of acceptance. What I see now, though, is that many nerdy men view social rejection by women differently than I do. These men assumed my place in society was assured, because of my gender, and that they would have nothing in common with me.

I was reading an article about experts who studied people who raped, and they described a mind set that was very familiar to me:

Dr. Malamuth has noticed that repeat offenders often tell similar stories of rejection in high school and of looking on as “jocks and the football players got all the attractive women.”

As these once-unpopular, often narcissistic men become more successful, he suspects that “getting back at these women, having power over them, seems to have become a source of arousal.”

I’ve already explained that when I was assaulted, the assault wasn’t nearly as damaging as the social isolation that accompanied it. Trying to fix rape culture though isolation culture is not going to work; socially isolated men will take their pain out on socially isolated women, and the further to the margins you push them, the more extreme and vile their acts will be.

What we’re not doing, is giving these people another path. What’s a lonely virgin to do? Where should they go, what advice do we have for them?

And, this is basically just a synecdoche for larger society. We’re creating factions of social rejection, where we deem people rapists, or racists, or whatever and render them completely un-redeemable. And yet, as we do this, we make the very situation we’re trying to fix worse and, at the end, isn’t that part of the point?

If conservative power structures operate through direct force — the military, financial oppression, etc. — liberal power structures tend to operate though social force. They do this by attempting to get you to ally with strangers against people in your community, and they do this by labelling some people in your community irredeemable. And, there is an implicit threat that, if you support these irredeemables, you will also be labelled as irredeemable.

With the internet, we are creating a social-media thought police over mind, and despite whatever it professes, rest assured it does not have your best interests at heart.
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6 weeks ago by kme
The Silicon Valley elite’s latest status symbol: Chickens - The Washington Post
Their pampered birds wear diapers and have personal chefs — but lay the finest eggs tech money can buy
chickens  villainy  wealth  trends  ha  assholes 
6 weeks ago by ignatz
Could Utah’s sales tax on food vanish? - The Salt Lake Tribune
Billy Hesterman, vice president of the Utah Taxpayers Association, said his group prefers to broaden the tax base to lower rates, while this bill does the opposite.
9 weeks ago by craniac
Product Design & The Asshole Contingency
If a real asshole used this service, what’s the worst that they could do?
product  ux  assholes  culture  harrassment  security 
10 weeks ago by spaceninja
Pittsburgh's Cutting-Edge Sports Site Is A Meat Grinder Of A Workplace
(As far as we know, no one at Deadspin is related to Katie Brown, and Brown confirmed to me that she does not even have a brother-in-law.)
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12 weeks ago by mookieproof
‘This is CNN Tonight. I’m Don Lemon. The president of the United States is racist.’ - The Washington Post
“This is CNN Tonight, I’m Don Lemon. The president of the United States is racist. A lot of us already knew that.”
GOP  assholes  racism  immigration 
january 2018 by conner
The 410 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List - The New York Times
An attempt to categorize every insult Donald J. Trump has made on Twitter since declaring his candidacy for president.
Asshats  DonaldTrump  assholes 
december 2017 by pixel
Naked in the Eye of the Storm - tenaya - Thor - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Loki is reveal as a Jötunn during the raid to Jotunheim. Considered underage on Jotunheim, Laufey demands him back, but Odin decides to marry him to Thor to keep him in Asgard. Loki faces many trials as he comes to terms with his new role.
96k  sexual-assault/violence  porn  bad-sex  dub-con  thor/loki  au  hurt/sick  assholes  mpreg 
november 2017 by katereis
Brilliant Jerks in Engineering
Here's a test for you or your company: Would you tolerate a brilliant engineer who is also an asshole?
culture  assholes  jerk  programming 
november 2017 by grahammitchell

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