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When Will These Scars Begin to Fade?
"Through everything he had never seen himself as a victim, he was just himself and his partner was just his partner and their life together was just what happened." (7213 words)
merlin  arthur  will(merlin)  merlin/arthur  merlin/will(merlin)  hurt!merlin  abused!merlin  raped!merlin  scarred!merlin  protective!arthur  understanding!arthur  pining!arthur  asshole!will(merlin)  abusive!will(merlin)  hurt/comfort  abuse:domestic  noncon/dubcon  self_loathing  escape/rescue  recovery  infidelity  first_time  fandom:merlin  author:caledonia 
february 2019 by elwarre

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abuse:domestic  abused!merlin  abusive!will(merlin)  arthur  author:caledonia  escape/rescue  fandom:merlin  first_time  hurt!merlin  hurt/comfort  infidelity  merlin/arthur  merlin/will(merlin)  merlin  noncon/dubcon  pining!arthur  protective!arthur  raped!merlin  recovery  scarred!merlin  self_loathing  understanding!arthur  will(merlin) 

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