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Forbidden Dungeons - Asset Store

[Forbidden Dungeons]
With this pack you get the tools needed to create a dungeon environment. It can be customizable to create your own underground level. You can also mix the pieces with other environment tools. Included many lods in heavy models to improve performance. Inside this asset: 206 prefabs with different blocks to build scenes, decoration props, fxs, shaders, materials, high quality textures, etc.

Right now it includes 2 main...
unity  asset  gamedev  architecture 
6 days ago by matthillco
Jronn - Asset Store
Hello there my name is Jonas, I have been working with 3D creation for many years And have Contributed to quite a few AAA Games such as Battlefield 3 and Bioshock Infinite, I also have a lot of experience with Marketing related 3D creation and rendering.

Please feel free to to Visit my external Portfolio at
unity  asset  gamedev  architecture 
6 days ago by matthillco
Character Parazite - Asset Store
Character creature for Most of the games.
creature can be inserted into an RPG,
Shooter, Horror, fantasy.
Location of creating a forest,
swamps, caves, sewers and other dark places.

Character Parazite

PBR textures(Metallic Sheder)

Contains 10 animations,sound

-idle other
-Get Hit

PBR textures.

(all 2048-2048 size)

Polys: 6,778

Tris: 11,950

unity  asset  gamedev  creature  horror 
6 days ago by matthillco
Thief - Asset Store
This 3d character thief model is made from 3 materials (body, head, sword), 66 bones and 22 animations. There are 2 LOD-stages available:

LOD0: 5043 verts / 9838 tris
LOD1: 2667 verts / 5111 tris

A sample video can be seen here.
unity  asset  gamedev  humanoid  human 
6 days ago by matthillco
Ogre - Asset Store

An ogre is a being usually depicted as a large, hideous, manlike monster that eats human beings. Ogres frequently feature in mythology, folklore, and fiction throughout the world. They appear in many classic works of literature, and are most often described in fairy tales and folklore as eating babies. Due to their destructive ability, ogres can be dangerous mobs if the player isn't well equipped with decent armor or a strong weapon.

Comes fully animated and formatted for use i...
unity  asset  gamedev  creature 
6 days ago by matthillco
Devil Cat - Asset Store

What if a cat was as big as a tiger? He would be badass, no doubt! Devil cat shocks the player how a familiar harmless pet turn into something so truculent. It'll be suit to be used in any horror/fantasy game you're making and definitely make it more interesting!

Features :

- Fully rigged, textured and animated.

- Animations: run, walk, stand, idle(roar), attack 1, attack 2, attack 3, attack 4, attack 5, hit 1, hit 2, death
- Polygon count: 7864 Triangles

- Tex...
unity  asset  gamedev  creature 
6 days ago by matthillco
Flying Worm - Asset Store
What? Bats are so mainstream? You should use this Flying Worm instead, he can fly around and attack the player too but is way cooler :D

While worms are almost completely immobile monsters, flying worms are totally fast and hard to hit, they can even use magic and are poisonous, luckily, they're quite weak and have low HP. They can be found in dark interiors such a caves, or out in the open at night.


- Total 11 animations (root motions included)
- 4096x4096 .tg...
unity  asset  gamedev  creature 
6 days ago by matthillco
Dragon Worm - Asset Store
Dragon Worms usually hide underground and attack their prey using their strong jaws and deadly poison. This model is so carefully made we even make some saliva in the mouth (please take a look at black background preview images, since the saliva is white it's hard to see it in 100% white background). The model comes with an opacity mapped sand prop so it'll blend nicely into your map.

Features :

- Fully rigged, textured and animated.

- 4 color options.
- Animations: appea...
unity  asset  gamedev  creature 
6 days ago by matthillco

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