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Icarus is a novel genome visualizer for accurate assessment and analysis of genomic draft assemblies, which is based on QUAST genome quality assessment tool. Icarus consists of two major contig viewers:
dna-seq  assembly  qc  tools  plot 
16 hours ago by dvera
Compiler Explorer - C++
Compiler Explorer is an interactive online compiler which shows the assembly output of compiled C/C++/Rust/Go/D code.
compiler  c++  assembly  comparison  tools  coding  programming  C  cpp 
2 days ago by jlarocco
x86_64bit ABI
The ABI for x86-64bit linux.
assembly  documentation  ABI  x86  64bit  Linux 
4 days ago by vincelasal
hybrid assembly pipeline for bacterial genomes
longread  assembly  tools 
7 days ago by dvera

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