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vim-syntastic/syntastic: Syntax checking hacks for vim
Syntastic is a syntax checking plugin for Vim created by Martin Grenfell. It runs files through external syntax checkers and displays any resulting errors to the user. This can be done on demand, or automatically as files are saved. If syntax errors are detected, the user is notified and is happy because they didn't have to compile their code or execute their script to find them.
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6 days ago by ezequiel
Monkey Patching in Go
Many people think that monkey patching is something that is restricted to dynamic languages like Ruby and Python. That is not true however, as computers are just dumb machines and we can always make them do what we want! Let’s look at how Go functions work and how we can modify them at runtime.
golang  assembly  programming 
11 days ago by ssorc
Become a Web Developer - Training from Industry | General Assembly
12-weeks. All day, every day. Learn the skills to become an entry-level web developer and the resources to get a job in this intensive program.
General  Assembly  JavaScript  bootcamp  web  development  immersive 
13 days ago by mAAdhaTTah

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