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Aziz Ansari Is A Different Conversation Than Weinstein, But It’s A Con
Excellent example of common attitudes of men toward sex & women (example) + links to more
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3 hours ago by csrollyson
Where Do Harvey Weinsteins Come From? | Village Voice
Long read. From Weinstein on down to catcalling, it's the whole culture of women marrying their rapists in movies and "no means yes"
assault  sexism  media  rape 
20 hours ago by emmacarlson
For some men, rape just isn’t a big deal | Emma Brockes | The Guardian
“Well, being raped isn’t as bad as, say, working in a factory in China.” Apart from the ludicrousness of the comparison – of trying to figure out what rape is and isn’t as bad as – it was suddenly clear to me that to him, and I assume to many men, rape exists purely in the hypothetical realm. “If you had to work in a factory for six months or be raped, which would you choose?” I asked. He looked taken aback; rape wasn’t something he had considered in relation to himself.
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20 hours ago by emmacarlson
I didn't understand how widespread rape was. | David Graeber | Opinion | The Guardian
the loss of generations of women's potential to white male dominance... a man writing about his mother and DSK: it can't have happened unless everyone knew - oh shit: everyone knew

It’s of course this very disbelief that allows such things to happen. We are loth to accept people we might know might practice pure, naked aggression. This is how bullies get away with what they do. Bullying is not just a relation between bully and victim. It’s really a three-way relation, between bully, victim and everyone who refuses to do anything about the aggression

on his mother: As a result, her sense of self collapsed.
All of us are heirs to a thousand forms of violence.
parenting  sexism  assault 
20 hours ago by emmacarlson
Weinstein, Hefner and the Poor Excuse That Explains a Lot - The New York Times
Porn, endless entitlement, pervasive sexism and objectification. A long climb since and still ahead....
sex  porn  assault  sexism 
20 hours ago by emmacarlson
When I was nineteen years old, Elie Wiesel grabbed my ass.
Which is it: big enough to destroy or so small that it is harmless? Women are driven crazy and driven to silence trying to answer this question.

Perhaps bad people do bad things. Conversely, one might hope, good people don’t do bad things.

You are sad beyond measure because, you believe, there are no good people. You mourn for humanity and for yourself.
assault  sexism  morality 
20 hours ago by emmacarlson
What happened when the infosec community outed its own sexual predators • The Verge
Sarah Jeong:
<p>Since autumn, I’ve noticed SHA hashes popping up again across my social media feeds — hashes of men’s initials or sometimes full names. These strings cannot be decrypted but if you know or suspect what the solution is, you can try running the same algorithm over it and see if the hash matches. Women describe how they or a friend were harassed or assaulted, they describe in vague terms the man in question. And then they post the hash, so their friends can check to see if they’ve been attacked by the same man.

It’s a step up from the “Shitty Media Men” spreadsheet that went viral a couple of months ago, a means of sharing information that is easy enough among the women who are capable of opening a command line window and running SHA-256 on a man’s name — women who deal professionally with secrets, privacy, truth, and verification. These are women whose technical abilities, whose place in their world, have long been questioned. They have been treated like fakes and posers and interlopers and arm candy. But they are here and have always been here. And when all the bad men who “do good work” have fallen from their pedestals, those women are waiting, ready to inherit the tech industry.</p>

Such a clever idea. Hide it from everyone except those who also know it, so that you can be sure that you all agree before going public. (Could such a system be used for the accused in rape trials?)
hash  sexism  assault 
24 days ago by charlesarthur
What Happened to Trump’s 19 Sexual-Misconduct Accusers
Several women are airing their claims again, hoping that in this #MeToo moment, people will be more willing to listen.
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5 weeks ago by xer0x

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