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RatioBuddy - Aspect ratio calculator
RatioBuddy is a fast, simple aspect ratio calculator. Designed & built by Damn Fine.
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12 days ago by andrewn
CSS object-fit Property ;;;
tags: w3schools css html image needsEditing on resize resizing the aspect ratio of photo photograph is preserved and not destroyed ;;;
In the next example, we use object-fit: cover;, so when we resize the browser window, the aspect ratio of the images is preserved:
w3schools  css  html  image  needsEditing  on  resize  resizing  the  aspect  ratio  of  photo  photograph  is  preserved  and  not  destroyed 
december 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Fun Tip: Use calc() to Change the Height of a Hero Component | CSS-Tricks
complicated demo of using css calc to resize type or images for different window widths, instead of using media queries
webdesign  web  design  scale  responsive  fluid  proportion  aspect  ratio  css  calc 
november 2018 by piperh
Responsive images with constant aspect ratio
a codepen using the top padding trick to maintain aspect ratio in responsive code
webdesign  web  design  css  code  coding  aspect  ratio  proportion  responsive 
november 2018 by piperh
Constant width to height ratio
nice bit of css that maintains aspect ration and allows content in the div, BUT, if content is larger than the div you have to deal with overflow, or the div will grow, thereby spoiling the aspect ratio. Image is best as background img.
webdesign  web  design  code  coding  css  width  height  ratio  aspect  constant  maintain 
november 2018 by piperh

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