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ASP ScriptTimeout Property
This is the property which allows a Classic ASP script to override the default maximum script runtime as set by the server.
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2 days ago by shearichard
Reading ASP secrets for $17,000 | Sam Curry
One of the more common vulnerabilities on ASP.NET applications is local file disclosure. If you've never developed or worked with this technology, exploiting LFD can be confusing and often unfruitful. In the following write up I describe approaching an application that ended up being vulnerable to LFD, then going on to exploit it.
asp  netsec  infosec  appsec  dotnet  security 
2 days ago by bsa3
ASP.NET Zero is a starting point for new web applications with a modern UI and SOLID architecture.

It saves your time by providing common application requirements as a pre-built Visual Studio solution (with full source code). Get its source code as the base solution and focus on your own business code.
asp  aspnet  framework  webserver  boilerplate  visualstudio  commercial  201907 
3 days ago by jakoubek
Active Server Pages | Microsoft Docs
Microsoft® Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side scripting environment that you can use to create and run dynamic, interactive Web server applications. With ASP, you can combine HTML pages, script commands, and COM components to create interactive Web pages and powerful Web-based applications that are easy to develop and modify.
20 days ago by shearichard
c# - View the data cached in System.Web.HttpRuntime.Cache - Stack Overflow
The Cache class supports an IDictionaryEnumerator to enumerate over all keys and values in the cache.
cache  web  asp  performance 
5 weeks ago by danesparza
Har du sett det vita luddet i luften? Därför ”snöar” det just nu
Spoiler: , se…
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8 weeks ago by kentlundgren
Scraping Websites Based on ViewStates with Scrapy
"If you ever find yourself scraping an ASP.Net page where you need to submit data through a form, step back and read this post."
scrapy  python  scraping  asp  aspx  forms 
april 2019 by macloo
How to Configure Application Pool Recycle Event Logging in IIS 6.0How
The online documentation states that by default IIS does not log worker process recycling events. However, this is not entirely accurate. If you execute the following command against an unmodified ins
Windows  ASP 
march 2019 by kalaklanar

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