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c# - View the data cached in System.Web.HttpRuntime.Cache - Stack Overflow
The Cache class supports an IDictionaryEnumerator to enumerate over all keys and values in the cache.
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3 days ago by danesparza
Create C# ASP.NET Framework web app - Azure App Service | Microsoft Docs
Azure App Service provides a highly scalable, self-patching web hosting service. This quickstart shows how to deploy your first ASP.NET web app to Azure App Service. When you're finished, you'll have a resource group that consists of an App Service plan and an App Service app with a deployed web application.
6 days ago by andyhuey
ASP Net Core, SQL Server, and Angular 7: Web App Authentication
The comprehensive step by step tutorial on building Web Application Authentication using ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft SQL Server, and Angular 7. We will create our own Microsoft SQL Server Database and Tables (User and Book). Password in the User table will be encrypted using salted HMACSHA512. The authentication flow describes as a sequence diagram below.  angular  core  dotnetcore 
7 days ago by photoangell
Tutorial: Get started with Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Docs
By Rick Anderson
This is the first tutorial of a series. The series teaches the basics of building an ASP.NET Core Razor Pages web app.
For a more advanced introduction aimed at experienced developers, see Introduction to Razor Pages.
At the end of the series, you'll have an app that manages a database of movies.
9 days ago by andyhuey

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