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astolat: Pride (Game of Thrones (TV), Jaime/Brienne, Jaime/Cersei, Brienne/Cersei, Jaime/Brienne/Cersei)
Jaime didn't understand why Cersei suddenly insisted on trimming his hair and shaving his beard, but he also didn't care to fight her on it, even though he'd just as soon have kept the beard: it was bitterly cold in the small tower room with its arrow-slits. At night, even curled together under the two blankets they'd been allotted, it took the better part of an hour before their bodies could warm the bed enough to sleep.
fic  gameofthrones  asongoficeandfire  brienne/jaime  jaime/cersei  jaime/brienne/cersei  au  canondivergence  threesome/moresome  het  femslash 
may 2019 by elise.grey
astolat: Competition (Game of Thrones (TV), Jaime/Brienne)
Almost the instant Brienne was out of earshot, Bronn turned to Podrick, jerked his head towards Jaime and asked, “Has he fucked her yet?”
via:elise.grey  fic  asongoficeandfire  gameofthrones  brienne/jaime 
april 2019 by templemarker
astolat: Competition (Game of Thrones (TV), Jaime/Brienne)
Almost the instant Brienne was out of earshot, Bronn turned to Podrick, jerked his head towards Jaime and asked, “Has he fucked her yet?”
fic  asongoficeandfire  gameofthrones  brienne/jaime 
april 2019 by elise.grey
astolat: Gifts (Game of Thrones, Jaime/Brienne)
There were a lot of wedding gifts, oddly enough, although they weren't all meant in exactly the same spirit.
fic  gameofthrones  asongoficeandfire  brienne/jaime  pegging  consentissues  post-war 
may 2018 by elise.grey
astolat: Words (Game of Thrones, Jaime/Brienne, canon AU)
“So we’ll look for you in the North," Robb Stark said, "coming to pay your debt."
fic  asongoficeandfire  gameofthrones  au  canondivergence  brienne/jaime 
april 2018 by elise.grey
astolat: Enough Left (Game of Thrones, Jaime/Brienne)
He’d never imagined it for himself, saying the words. He couldn’t imagine it, because he wasn’t whole; he belonged to the other half of himself only.
fic  gameofthrones  asongoficeandfire  brienne/jaime  huddlingforwarmth  firsttime  favourites 
march 2018 by elise.grey
fic_promptly | wednesday - fall
A Song of Ice and Fire, any Stark & or / any, Winter is coming, but it hasn’t caught up with us yet
2017/12  ASongOfIceAndFire  Lonely 
january 2018 by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Thursday: Delicate
A Song of Ice & Fire, Robert Arryn, Sweet Robin's body may be delicate, but his mind is sharper than he lets on.
2017/09  ASongOfIceAndFire  Lonely 
september 2017 by fic_promptly
Jon Snow Title
Jon Targaryen, the first of his name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, King in the North, Protector of the realm, Long May He Reign!
GameOfThrones  ASongofIceandFire  from notes
august 2017 by LordSnow
Winter is Coming
Winter Is Coming is your source of news, rumors, speculation, and discussion for HBO’s Game of Thrones, the television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. This site was created in November 2008, at the time the pilot was first commissioned and has been following the production closely ever since. We are a proud member of the FanSided Network.
GameOfThronesDiscussion  GameOfThronesRumors  GameOfThronesSpeculation  ASongofIceandFire 
august 2017 by LordSnow
fic_promptly | Wednesday: Marriage
Author's choice, author's choice, 'till death do us part... and beyond.
2017/07  AuthorsChoice  ASongOfIceAndFire  Filled 
july 2017 by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Friday: Free-For-All
Any, Any, With silence I'm becoming fragile / Don't you understand?
2017/06  AuthorsChoice  ASongOfIceAndFire  Filled 
june 2017 by fic_promptly
The Bastard's Wife [Hapakitsune]
In the wake of her parents' deaths, Sansa is struggling to hold Winterfell together while the queen seeks to undermine her at all turns. Then Jon returns to Westeros as a Targaryen, and everything changes.
Author:Hapakitsune  Fic  WordCount:40-100k  AU:Regency  ASongOfIceAndFire  Jon/Sansa  Romance  Schmoop  <3  AO3 
january 2017 by Brandysnaps
fic_promptly | Monday: Green
A Song of Ice and Fire, Bran, Jojen, & Meera, green dreams
2016/10  ASongOfIceAndFire  Lonely 
october 2016 by fic_promptly

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