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Are 'sensory videos' vulgar and pornographic? China says so • CNET
Bonnie Burton:
<p>The autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, can happen after hearing certain sounds. Entire YouTube channels are dedicated to ASMR videos of whispering, fingers tapping on surfaces or even the crushing of eggshells.

While ASMR videos are so popular they regularly trend on YouTube, China's anti-pornography office released a statement this month saying that it would crack down on inappropriate ASMR videos appearing on the country's popular streaming sites such as Youku and Bilibili. 

The China office says many ASMR videos stimulate sexual sensations, but ASMR fans say they use them more as sleeping aids.

In a 2015 study, UK researchers looked at ASMR media people were accessing in the US and Western Europe. Eighty-two percent of study participants said they used ASMR videos as a sleep aid and 70% used them to de-stress. 

Only 5% of people who enjoy ASMR media use it for sexual stimulation, according to the study. </p>

If I say this has passed me by, I sound old, right?
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24 days ago by charlesarthur
China bans ASMR videos citing ‘vulgar and pornographic content’ - The Verge
The videos have all completely disappeared off major platforms like Youku and Bilibili
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26 days ago by gdw
China bans ASMR videos citing ‘vulgar and pornographic content’ - The Verge
After an announcement posted on June 8th, China’s anti-pornography office has cracked down on ASMR videos on video streaming platforms, telling services to “thoroughly clean up vulgar and pornographic ASMR content. via Pocket
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