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How to Fall Asleep Faster – 10 Tried and Tested Tips
It happens to the best of us – we have an early start the next day but are unable to fall asleep. We lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, and listening to the ticking clock as the night refuses to end. For some people, it happens every day, and for others, it happens when they are too tired or stressed, and their brains simply won’t shut up. The most interesting – and frustrating -thing about not being able to fall asleep is that the more you think about it, the harder it is for sleep to come.
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"How To Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep | Jim Donovan | TEDxYoungstown" on YouTube
For 3 minutes total:
* tap with both hands on thighs at the rhythm of a ticking clock while breathing slowly (2m in the video @ 8:25, not 30 seconds as he claimed)
* Slow down the tapping

Hasn't worked yet on inducing sleep onset, but average deep sleep increased in a 4-night trial.
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How ATMAMUN Will Awaken You To The Glory Of Existence - Siddha Performance
His existence is such that he lives his entire day within a cocoon of ceaseless thought. The mind rambles endlessly. It produces thoughts. Thoughts produce feelings. And man reacts to those feelings.
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Download Tin Awning Over Master Bed Room Window So I Can Fall Asleep To The Rain… HD Pictures | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Tin awning above learn mattress room window so I can fall asleep to the rain… Tin awning above learn mattress room window so I can fall asleep to the rain Tin awning above learn mattress room window so I can fall asleep to the rain…
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Sensorwake Oria Uses Scents to Lull You Asleep
I’m sure you’ve heard all the ruckus about blue light and thought about how light affects your sleep-wake cycle, but Sensorwake thinks you’ve neglected how the sense of smell fits in the equation. Maybe you’re always too tired in the day because your room didn’t smell right, and maybe you aren’t falling asleep because your...

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Sensorwake  Oria  Uses  Scents  to  Lull  You  Asleep 
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