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68 Things You Cannot Say on China’s Internet
"While China has long sought to block access to political material online, a flurry of new regulatory actions aims to establish a more expansive blockade, recalling an earlier era of public morality enforced by the ruling Communist Party.

In a directive circulated this summer, the state-controlled association that polices China’s fast-growing digital media sector set out 68 categories of material that should be censored, covering a broad swath of what the world’s largest online audience might find interesting to read or watch.

The guidelines ban material that depicts excessive drinking or gambling; that sensationalizes 'bizarre or grotesque' criminal cases; that ridicules China’s historical revolutionary leaders, or current members of the army, police or judiciary; or that 'publicizes the luxury life.'" - Steven Lee Myers and Amy Cheng, New York Times
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Sadly, North Korea’s Pursuit of Nukes and ICBMs Makes Sense - WhoWhatWhy
Here is a bit of North Korean realpolitik that nobody is talking about: Regrettably, Kim Jong-un’s regime is absolutely right to develop nuclear weapons and a delivery system that reaches the United States.
That’s neither an endorsement of North Korea’s policies nor of other countries’ arming themselves with nukes. Far from it. It’s simply an acknowledgement that the only way a small country can protect itself from American aggression is by amassing enough firepower to force even the mighty US military to suffer heavy losses.
Hopefully, it’s not a model that other countries will follow. If President Donald Trump withdraws from the Iran nuclear agreement, however, there is a good chance that the Islamic Republic will be next.
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Asima Chatterjee, the Scientist Who Did So Much More in a Time of Less - The Wire
Let us remember Asima Chatterjee as a world-class chemist in a time when science was a lot less comfortable to do and involved a lot more of getting your hands dirty than it does today.

Asima Chatterjee in 1961. Credit: The Indian Scientists, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

India’s most prestigious science award, the annual Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, was first given in 1958, but it was only in 1960 that its ‘chemical sciences’ category was introduced. And it just took one year for the prize to go to its first female recipient, Asima Chatterjee, for her achievements in phytomedicine – the study of plant extracts for therapy. It was a long wait, about 14 years, before another woman would be awarded the same prize, and an astounding 48 years before a woman would win it for the ‘chemical sciences’ category again.

As much as the many barriers she broke should be celebrated, Chatterjee was a scientist and the best way of honouring her is to honour her science.

As Asish De has elucidated, being a natural products chemist in those days was no joke. While for centuries plants have been used for their medicinal properties, the biological mechanisms underpinning these plants’ effects was not known until chemists like Chatterjee began their work. They had the painful task of extracting minute amounts of active chemicals – the ingredients suspected to be responsible for the curative properties – present in these plants. Then, the molecular structures of these extracts would have to be determined. In the 1940s, when Chatterjee was conducting her research, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) machines and spectroscopic techniques that come to the aid of scientists who work on these problems today weren’t yet in the picture. So her work must have required amazing levels of precision and endless trial and error.
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RT : Artfully crafted by shows all over the last 30 years. worst hit region.
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Cambodia’s Crackdown: What Happens When an Autocrat Shutters a Newspaper
A rundown on the closure of The Cambodia Daily, its implications, and what led to the newspaper's shutdown in the first place, by Julia Wallace for The Nation.
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3 days ago by dmcdev
'Dotard' Trump? The story of 'rocket man' Kim's insult - BBC News
By Tessa Wong
BBC News
3 hours ago
From the section Asia ... Share

US President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during the U.N. General Assembly in New York, US, 21 September 2017.Image copyrightREUTERS
Image caption
Mr Trump turned 71 in June

On Friday the English-speaking world was startled to find itself suddenly reacquainted with the 14th Century term "dotard", thanks to an unlikely source - Kim Jong-un.
The North Korean leader used the ancient word to describe Donald Trump several times in a fiery statement denouncing the US President's recent UN speech.
North Korea crisis in 300 words (dotard is not one of them)
The statement was an unprecedented first person address to Mr Trump and as the diplomatic community digested its meaning, many others rushed to look up this unique insult.

"" Jihye Lee 이지혜 ✔ @TheJihyeLee
The Korean original statement said "늙다리 미치광이," which means old beast lunatic -- which was translated into "dotard." ªª …ºº
12:22 AM - Sep 22, 2017
357 357 Replies 5,741 5,741 Retweets 9,608 9,608 likes
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3 days ago by ndf
What is Shadowsocks? The underground VPN alternative that China’s developers use to jump the Great Firewall
Quartz profiles Shadowsocks, a circumvention proxy popular among developers and tech-savvy users in China.
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4 days ago by dmcdev
China detains man for service to evade internet firewall
"Chinese authorities have detained a software developer for selling computer services that allow internet users to evade China's 'Great Firewall,' which blocks access to thousands of websites, from Facebook to Twitter to some news outlets, a media report said Monday. The software developer, who is from the coastal province of Jiangsu, near Shanghai, was arrested in late August and held for three days for building a small business to sell virtual private networks, the Global Times newspaper reported, citing the official Xinhua news agency. VPNs create encrypted links between computers and allow Chinese web users to see blocked sites by hiding the address from government filters. Subscribers paid 10 yuan, or about $1.50, for one month of the developer's service. Authorities also seized the developer's earnings, which totalled 1,080 yuan, or about $165." - Associated Press
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Vietnam Jails Prominent Blogger For Five Years
"A court in northern-central Vietnam’s Nghe An province on Monday sentenced prominent blogger and former political prisoner Nguyen Van Oai to five years in prison and four years of house arrest for resisting police officers and leaving his home while on probation, his lawyer said.

Oai, 36, was taken into custody by plainclothes officers on Jan. 19 while walking along a street in the town of Hoang Mai in Nghe An province for 'resisting persons on duty' after authorities accused him of violating the terms of a house arrest order he received in 2015 for having ties to the outlawed Viet Tan pro-democracy organization.

As a member of Viet Tan and a cofounder of the Association of Catholic Former Prisoners of Conscience, Oai has campaigned for political prisoners and written about social injustice on his Facebook page, according to a statement issued by Viet Tan on Monday." - Radio Free Asia
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