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This US Firm Wants to Help Build China’s Surveillance State
How Remark Holdings, a small US company, is helping build surveillance technologies for customers including a Thai conglomerate operating 10,000+ 7-Eleven stores and numerous Chinese clients, including the police in Hangzhou, China's fifth largest city: "

"Remark is trying to tap into China’s seemingly endless appetite for surveillance, for both security and commercial ends. A national strategy released last year declared the country will rival the US in AI by 2020. Rapid adoption of facial recognition in China means your physiognomy can now get you cash from an ATM—or plucked from a concert crowd of 20,000 by local police, as one man suspected of stealing potatoes learned in May. [Remark CEO Shing] Tao says the country’s openness to the technology and more lax approach to privacy make it a logical target for Remark. 'China is the low-hanging fruit,' he says. 'They really understand and accept what AI is, and they’re ready to go.'" - Tom Simonite, Wired
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China steps up online crackdown, seeks detailed user data
"China's cyber watchdog said on Thursday it will require internet firms to provide detailed logs on users as part of a new policy designed to curb dissent and online social movements. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said as of November 30 it will require assessment reports from any internet platform that could be used to 'socially mobilise' or lead to 'major changes in public opinion'. As part of the assessments, which include on-site inspections, companies must show they are logging information including real names, usernames, account names, network addresses, times of use, chat logs, call logs and the type of device being used." - Reuters
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U.S.-Backed `Quad' Quietly Gains Steam as Way to Balance China - Bloomberg

Potentially the most important meeting in Asia this week isn’t on any official summit agenda, features no head of state and certainly doesn’t include China.

Senior officials from Australia, India, Japan and the U.S. -- a set of countries known as “the Quad” -- plan to meet Thursday on the sidelines of a regional summit in Singapore. It will be only the third meeting of the group since its revival last year as a counterweight to China’s growing economic and military might.
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China censorship moves from politics to economics
"Washington’s latest tariffs on $200bn of Chinese exports dominated business news across much of the world. But in China, readers of domestic news websites saw very different headlines — internet companies Tencent and Baidu led with stories of how the Communist party, 'with Xi Jinping at its core', was developing Ningxia, a backwater in China’s north-west. As China’s economic growth slows and a trade war with the US damages consumer sentiment and the stock market, Beijing is further tightening controls on domestic media. The ruling party has for decades relied on a strong economy as a key source of its legitimacy, and in harder times economic news is increasingly subject to the same kind of censorship as politics.

'Censorship has never been so tight,' said one business journalist with two decades of experience. 'There has been a big shift in the second half of this year.'" - Tom Hancock, Financial Times
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Vietnamese pop star Mai Khoi urges Facebook to halt censorship
"At the Oslo Freedom Forum in Taipei, Khoi opened her talk with a performance of her song 'Vietnam,' which urged her fellow citizens to 'step out from the fear' and 'raise our voice, speak, sing, scream.' Now 34 years old, Khoi is trying to use her celebrity to pressure Facebook to stop complying with, and instead push back against, government censorship. The singer said she became disenchanted with Vietnamese pop music because of how artists would censor themselves, leading her to spend time with the country’s dissident artists. One of them persuaded Khoi to use her platform to run as an independent candidate for Vietnam’s national assembly in 2016. She was eventually barred from the ballot, and used that publicity to get a sit down with then US president Barack Obama when he was in the country that year. 'Just as I thought things were starting to get better, freedom of expression is under threat now,' she said. 'Before the internet, we had nowhere to go and express ourselves freely. The government controlled everything. The advent of the internet and social media changed it.'" - Alice Truong, Quartz
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survey finds cloud usage in has grown 135% since March 2018 📈
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Google goes down after major BGP mishap routes traffic through China
"Google lost control of several million of its IP addresses for more than an hour on Monday in an event that intermittently made its search and other services unavailable to many users and also caused problems for Spotify and other Google cloud customers. While Google said it had no reason to believe the mishap was a malicious hijacking attempt, the leak appeared suspicious to many, in part because it misdirected traffic to China Telecom, the Chinese government-owned provider that was recently caught improperly routing traffic belonging to a raft of Western carriers though mainland China...Unlike the previously reported 30-month event that routed Internet traffic on a roundabout path through China, traffic in Monday’s incident involving Google never arrived at its intended destination. Instead, as the following traceroute shows, the traffic terminated at an edge router inside China Telecom. The dropped traffic further supported the narrative that the routing event was a mistake. BGP hijackings are more effective when they go undetected by end users instead of causing an obvious outage. Still, there was no doubt that even if the mishap was inadvertent, it amounted to a major disruption."
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