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setchi/moziplayer: 動画ファイルや、インカメラの映像をテキストアートで再生します
moziplayer - 動画ファイルや、インカメラの映像をテキストアートで再生します
video  ascii 
4 days ago by oppara
GitHub - symisc/ascii_art
Real-Time ASCII Art Rendering Library
ascii  photography 
7 days ago by raygrasso
Beautiful hand-drawn block diagrams from plain text
ASCII  Diagram  WebService 
19 days ago by olfuerniss
ASCII Tables ( — Astropy v2.0.2
The entire 'astropy' distribution seems to be less than 10 MB, so it's kinda worth it to have it around.

<code class="language-python">
>>> data ='/etc/passwd', format='no_header', delimiter=':')
>>> print(data[0:4])
col1 col2 col3 col4 col5 col6 col7
------ ---- ---- ---- -------------------------- --------------- ----------------
nobody * -2 -2 Unprivileged User /var/empty /usr/bin/false
root * 0 0 System Administrator /var/root /bin/sh
daemon * 1 1 System Services /var/root /usr/bin/false
_uucp * 4 4 Unix to Unix Copy Protocol /var/spool/uucp /usr/sbin/uucico
python  tables  ascii  textprocessing  importexport  solution 
22 days ago by kme

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