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TypeScript for ActionScript Developers – Software, Fitness, and Gaming – Jesse Warden
TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to idiomatic (normal) JavaScript, is designed to make it easier to write cross-platform, application scale, JavaScript that runs in any browser
javascirpt  typescript  as3  java  html5  js 
march 2018 by xer0x
AS3Lang Community
It's been happening for quite some time but you probably already seen those "awesome list" on Github where tons of resources are listed on a particular subject/branch etc.

Personally I don't think Github is the "right"…
as3  forum  development 
july 2017 by argonauta
Motor2 Physics Engine
Another 2D physics engine for AS3
physics  2d  as3 
february 2016 by garrypettet

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