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Niklaus Manuel - The Judgement of Paris
Niklaus Manuel Deutsch (Niklaus Manuel, c. 1484 – 28 April 1530), of Bern, was a Swiss artist, writer, mercenary and Reformed politician.
Switzerland  Art  Arts  Painting 
8 hours ago by dbourn
Rachelle Mozman Solano Disarms Gaugin's Predatory Gaze With Absurdist Wit — Humble Arts Foundation
I became overwhelmed at Museum of Modern Arts’ exhibition, Metamorphoses a show on the prints and sculptures of Pual Gauguin while living in Polynesia. The narrative that was being perpetuated by the institution (a narrative that Gauguin told of his work and life living in Polynesia) was a story rooted in fantasy. I felt he projected this fantasy onto his subjects; a story about being immersed amongst a people that were primitive, racially pure, and closer to “animality”, that he cla...
arts  misoginy 
11 hours ago by lawrenceoluyede
Omar Victor Diop's Photography Is Recapturing Black History
By dressing like notable figures in black history, the figures in Omar Victor Diop's portraits bring them back into the conversation.
photography  arts  black-culture  history 
11 hours ago by lawrenceoluyede
RT : An excellent seminar this evening led by ⁦⁩ on and - a problem with ⁦…
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Stanford scholar Robert Pogue Harrison on the history of romantic love
What is wholly foreign to us today is the prevalent medieval assumption that romantic love is not possible within the confines of marriage. We tend to believe that love finds its consummation in marriage, whereas in the past marriage was seen as a contract with strict obligations between husband and wife, where the wife was subjected to the authority of the husband. It was incompatible with love because love must be wholly free – freely given and free from the social hierarchies that govern human and gender relations in the real world. It is hard for us to understand why love was almost by definition adulterous back then.
Contrast with: "A major theme in Parzival is love: heroic acts of chivalry are inspired by true love, which is ultimately fulfilled in marriage."
Stanford  Robert  Pogue  Harrison  Love  France  History  Arts 
5 days ago by dbourn
Art Institute of Chicago - Gallery 109
Gallery 109 (1992) by Tadao Ando, Art Institute of Chicago, 2018
Arts  Architecture  Museums  Chicago  IL 
8 days ago by dbourn
RT : 2019, top départ pour une journée pleine de découvertes en ,
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