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(untitled) - Anonymous - Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Inspired by the prompt/request "Sun's feelings towards her body and towards violence, and especially how those feelings have changed post-cluster"
art  artist:anonymous  seeing.color  femslash  sense8  sun.bak  kala.dadekar  kala/sun 
august 2016 by partofthewhole
Jaeger - Anonymous - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
"A daughter is not a passing cloud, but permanent, / holding earth and sky together with her shadow. "
art  artist:anonymous  gen  pacific.rim  mako.mori  stacker.pentecost  seeing.color 
august 2016 by partofthewhole
(The Great Mouse Detective) Basil/Ratigan - FILLED: Basil is captured, Stockholm syndome
FILLED: Fragmentation by guiltyhousewife
FILLED: I will burn for you by Anon [fanvid]

Basil/Ratigan: Something involving Stockholm syndrome, with Basil being the captured one. He's used and abused but somehow gets to like it. It's still sick and twisted and depraved, but Basil becomes almost brainwashed.

Bonus points for a Dawson cameo, because I love that little mouse.
Fandom:TheGreatMouseDetective  Pairing:Basil/Ratigan  Author:guiltyhousewife  Rating:Adult  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-08(August)  FDate:2012-01(January)  Misc:MultipleFills  Misc:Fanvid  Artist:Anonymous 
january 2013 by disneykink
(Buzz Lightyear of Star Command/Enchanted) Giselle/Mira Nova - Mira saves her, anything
FILLED: My Hero [artfill] by Anon

Humbly requesting Mira Nova/pre!movie Giselle - Giselle is the damsel in distress and Mira gets to be her hero. Anything goes: fluff, smut, humor, psychotics, super awesome BFFs - whatever you like! So long as it's these two together I'll be happy. ♥
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Misc:Art  FDate:2012-05(May)  Status:Filled  Entry:1  Rating:General  Artist:Anonymous  Pairing:Giselle/MiraNova  Fandom:BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand  Fandom:Enchanted  PDate:2010-05(May)  Type:F/F(Femslash) 
august 2012 by disneykink
HP Beholder - ART: "The Language of Birds" for o_k_go
Recipient: O_K_GO
Artist: ???
Title: The Language of Birds
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Marcus/Ginny.
Summary: Art. I stuck some text on this here art as texture/frame, vaguely hoping that O_K_GO might like a bit of typography as well as art. Some of it was intentionally made to be quite unreadable, but BBB quite reasonably suggested that many people may want to know what the unreadable text actually says. So here is the text PDF version, as well as a (slightly) smaller bandwidth image PDF.

[Seriously clever. I cannot wait to see who the artist is.]
fandom:hp  pairing:ginny/marcus  art  artist:anonymous  author:anonymous  clever 
april 2012 by thatspotonthe_t
(Toy Story 3/Calvin and Hobbes) FILLED: Hobbes interacting with the Toy Story gang
FILLED: Bonnie and Hobbes by sailorptah

Eventually, Calvin grows up. Bonnie inherits Hobbes somehow (his cousin via Uncle Max maybe?). You can decide whether Hobbes broke the cardinal rule and actually talked to/moved around Calvin (which would be cool, but I can't think of a reason Calvin would give him away if that were the case), or if Calvin was just that imaginative. Any pairings are fine, and feel free to rip my heart out. I need Hobbes interacting with the Toy Story gang bad.
Fandom:CalvinAndHobbes  Fandom:ToyStory  Pairing:None  Misc:Art  Fandom:Crossover/Various  Artist:Anonymous  Rating:General  Entry:1  Status:Filled  PDate:2010-06(June)  FDate:2011-08(August)  Type:Gen 
september 2011 by disneykink
(Alice in Wonderland/Pinocchio) Alice/Pinocchio - FILLED: anything fluffy
FILLED: All in a Golden Afternoon by Anon
FILLED: Untitled Art by Anon [Art]

Pair: Alice/Pinocchio Prompt: Gosh, I really tried to think of something specific to prompt, but I'll pretty much take anything at this point. I just want more of this pairing, the fluffier the better! Here, have a video: Maybe it'll help with inspiration a bit? <3

Fandom:AliceInWonderland Fandom:Pinocchio Pairing:Alice/Pinocchio Artist:Anonymous Rating:General Entry:2 Misc:Art Fandom:Crossover/Various
Fandom:Crossover/Various  Fandom:AliceInWonderland  Fandom:Pinocchio  Pairing:Alice/Pinocchio  Author:Anonymous  Rating:General  Entry:2  Status:Filled  PDate:2011-05(May)  FDate:2011-07(July)  Type:F/M(Het)  Misc:MultipleFills  Misc:Art  Artist:Anonymous 
july 2011 by disneykink

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