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How the World’s Biggest Brewer Killed the Craft Beer Buzz
These problems are dogging the whole beer industry, but they’re particularly vexing for the world’s biggest brewery. Throw in the slowdown in the maturing craft market, and industry observers wonder how long ABI’s self-appointed role as the segment’s “beer positive” vanguard will last — and what consequences smaller brewers face once the salad days are truly gone.
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march 2019 by inspiral
Pachacuti Hats (and their founder Carry Somers)
"Carry Somers MA FRSA is a British fashion designer, social entrepreneur and fashion campaigner. She is founder of the global movement Fashion Revolution and founder and director of Pachacuti.
Somers founded fair trade hat brand Pachacuti in 1992. Pachacuti was the first company to be certified under the World Fair Trade Organization Sustainable Fair Trade Management System, the first International certification of a fair trade, sustainable production process. The WFTO certification "guaranteed practices, procedures and processes that demonstrate social, economic and environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain". Pachacuti's products were labelled Certified Fair Trade by WFTO UK0001-2009 to 2012.

Somers piloted the European Union Geo Fair Trade project from 2009–12 which traced products from the straw to the Panama hat weavers. 60 social, economic, geolocalisation and environmental indicators tracked annual changes. The pilot project mapped the GPS co-ordinates of Pachacuti's 154 weavers' houses in Ecuador, the parcels of land where the Carludovica Palmata grows, and the co-ordinates of the associations who harvest and process the straw.

At London Fashion Week in September 2013, People Tree Ltd. and Pachacuti were the first brands globally to launch the WFTO Fair Trade Guarantee System label.
Somers is founder of Fashion Revolution, a global movement which arose from the Rana Plaza garment factory disaster in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013. Fashion Revolution Day takes place globally on 24 April each year and in 2016 grew into Fashion Revolution Week. Somers organised roundtable debates at the House of Commons and the House of Lords on ethics, sustainability and transparency in the fashion supply chain including Fashion Question Time in February 2015 and April 2016 and Ethical Fashion 2020:a New Vision for Transparency in June 2015. There are Fashion Revolution teams in almost 100 countries around the world.
Somers speaks nationally and internationally on Fashion Revolution, fair trade, entrepreneurship, sustainability, fashion and certification. She lectures on cruise ships in Latin America and the Caribbean on textiles, traditional dress, artisan handicrafts, indigenous peoples and fair trade.
Somers wrote the introduction to "Fixing Fashion" which looks at the impacts of consumer culture's addiction to disposable fashion, published in 2015 by New Society.
She is co-author of the book Working Ethically, which aims to help business owners find an ethical strategy which will benefit their suppliers, community and environment. She contributed a chapter to the book, published in 2014, Sustainable Luxury and Social Entrepreneurship"

As of 201901 website seems down, alternative source:

Fashionmeetsorganic  Fashion  Designer  SocialEntrepreneur  Sustainability  Eco  UK  hats  Textile  Fair_Trade  Education  processing  handmade  artisanal  Ethical_fashion  Brand  Transparency  certification  book  Expert  interview  luxury  sustainable 
january 2019 by eocas
Design Library (aka: Hangzhou "Material Library)
"YUHANG RONG DESIGN LIBRARY is built by PINWU Design Studio and Yuhang Government in Hangzhou China. It focuses on Chinese traditional handcraft research and each material deconstruction from the craft. The Library offers designers Chinese traditional materials such as bamboo, paper, clay, porcelain, copper, silver, silk, etc. Remains of ancient Chinese folk culture are still to be found, hidden in villages. The library is passionate collecting the knowledge from the old craftsman."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Agrachina  artisanal  material  fabric  Sustainability  bamboo  Culture  exhibition  rural  Research  design  China  Zhejiang 
october 2018 by eocas
Kilomet 109
"Designer, artist and eco-entrepreneur, Van Thao is a leader among the pioneering group of young designers who have made Hanoi an emerging creative hub of the fashion world.
Thao’s vision encompasses every detail of the production process, starting with the natural materials that go into the garments she designs. In doing so she is helping to preserve the rich textile heritage of Vietnam.

Using organic fibers and traditional techniques of vegetable dying, Thao works with her team of local artisans to grow, spin, weave, color and print Kilomet 109 fabrics. After that the garments are hand-stitched in her studio in Hanoi.
The value of our pieces is about more than their design, it’s about the culture of the people who make them and the environmental issues that are so vital to our future.”

Startupinthecloud  Agrachina  Fashion  Designer  artisanal  Made-to-Order  ecological  vietnam  Fibres  dyeing  Organic  Organic_Fabric  Vegetables  Sustainability  eco_brand  sustainablecompany  sustainablefashion  Brand 
september 2018 by eocas
Helps farmers and boutique indigo makers to meet fashion industry's demand of natural pigment on a global scale by advocating for collaborative production. Their bio-based indigo dyestuff can answer current pollution concern across fashion industry and fulfil upcoming conscious consumer demand.

Shanghai-based by French ecopreneur Paul Iglesia.

fashionmeetsorganic  textile  organic  dyeing  artisanal  sustainablecompany  France  China  Shanghai  Manufacturing  Collaboration 
july 2018 by eocas
Schweibenalp – Center of Unity
"Living and working community to manage the seminar business and the permaculture gardens. As a part of the Global Ecovillages Network, we consider ourselves as one of the emerging models for a holistic cultural transformation. At the Center of Unity Schweibenalp we contribute since more than 30 years to the development of an integral life culture and universal spirituality."
In Brienz / Bernese Alps / Switzerland.

Agrachina  Permaculture  Sustainability  community  sustainable  sustainablecompany  Slow_Fashion  Slow_Food  network  Conference  Switzerland  gardening  Culture  Cultivation  Rural_Development  Rural_Economy  rural  Lifestyle  Lifesnippets  Agricultural_Development  artisanal  decentralization  natural  Philosophy  Ethics 
june 2018 by eocas
Urban Tribe 城市山民
"Urban Tribe, established in 2006 with its base in Shanghai, aims to explore natural spirit with original design of clothes, handmade jewelry, ceramics and more, all connected to a lifestyle inspired by tribal aesthetics and wisdom."

Their shops are inspired by tea-houses. Some of their production happens in Guizhou in artisan ways.

Fashionmeetsorganic  Brand  Shanghai  artisanal  Fashion  jewelry  tea  Guizhou  sustainablefashion  Fair_Trade  equality  handmade  China 
april 2018 by eocas

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