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Making a Solenoid Boxer 4 Engine - YouTube
An excellent Artisan maker video. No voice, just making. Object is an engine from practically bare metal.
maker  artisan 
september 2019 by sldr
Artisan Keycaps - The Hatchery
This site is meant to be used as a means for information valuable to artisan keycap collectors in the mechanical keyboard hobby.

If you wish to see future catalogs featuring some of your favorite artisans, simply fill out the catalog survey at the top of the navigation.
artisan  keyboard 
july 2019 by bradendouglass
Almond Coconut Milk & Poppy Seed Exfoliating handmade soap at Sunscape's Soap Shop on Etsy.
soaps  artisan  from twitter_favs
may 2019 by randyhilarski
Central Milling Organic // Organic Artisan Bakers Craft Plus
This is one of the two flours that Mike Desjarlais uses (the other is 85 something, and I think it’s whole wheat). Looks like great flour, but the shipping costs are expensive.
bread  flour  artisan 
april 2019 by rpmuller
The Black Sheep School of Cheesemaking
site web d'un gars qui a écrit un livre sur la fabrication de fromage sans ferments
cheese  book  artisan  livre  fromage  fabrication 
march 2019 by anjunod

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