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How the Enlightenment Ends - The Atlantic
Ultimately, the term artificial intelligence may be a misnomer. To be sure, these machines can solve complex, seemingly abstract problems that had previously yielded only to human cognition. But what they do uniquely is not thinking as heretofore conceived and experienced. Rather, it is unprecedented memorization and computation. Because of its inherent superiority in these fields, AI is likely to win any game assigned to it. But for our purposes as humans, the games are not only about winning; they are about thinking. By treating a mathematical process as if it were a thought process, and either trying to mimic that process ourselves or merely accepting the results, we are in danger of losing the capacity that has been the essence of human cognition.
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2 days ago by toddmundt
professionals who have grown along with the age of have a better chance of bringing mo…
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Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes says content validation will be big
Is content validation the next growth industry?

In this era of disinformation, dissembling, and deepfakes, emerging technologies that restore our trust in online content could make for booming new businesses.
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3 days ago by jorgebarba
How will any/every counter this? No wonder there is such a high demand for de…
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Gaining the visibility of rich snippets or being in Google’s Knowledge Graph through also c…
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(85%) of businesses that have already engaged say developing a deeper strategy for AI is ur…
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Finding and fixing software bugs automatically with SapFix and Sapienz – Facebook Code
To address high-firing bugs, SapFix creates patches that either fully or partially revert the code submission that introduced them. For more complex crashes, the system generates patches by drawing from its collection of templated fixes. These templates were automatically harvested from those created by human engineers, based on a pool of past fixes. When previously used human-designed templates don’t fit, SapFix will attempt a mutation-based fix, whereby it performs small code modifications to the abstract syntax tree (AST) of the crash-causing statement, making adjustments to the patch until a potential solution is found.
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6 days ago by dlkinney
Artificial Intelligence Threatens Jobs in Developing World - Bloomberg
Without a cost incentive to locate in the developing world, corporations will bring many of these functions back to the countries where they’re based. That will leave emerging economies, unable to grasp the bottom rungs of the development ladder, in a dangerous position: The large pool of young and relatively unskilled workers that once formed their greatest comparative advantage will become a liability — a potentially explosive one.
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7 days ago by HispanicPundit

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