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Untold AI: Tone over time
"When we begin to look at AI stories over time, as we did in the prior post and will continue in this one, one of the basic changes we can track is how the stories seem to want us to feel about AI, or their tone. Are they more positive about AI, more negative, or neutral/balanced?"
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yesterday by garrettc
Google's new boss is Jeff Dean.

He faces "thousands of Google employe…
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yesterday by jhill5
Tesla vs. Waymo: who’s winning the race for self-driving cars - The Verge
How Tesla and Waymo are tackling a major problem for self-driving cars: data

Autonomous cars won’t happen without tons of data, but Tesla and Waymo have a big head start
artificialintelligence  automation  transportation  futureoftransportation  waymo  tesla 
yesterday by jorgebarba
How to Implement AI and Machine Learning | ZDNet
The next wave of IT innovation will be powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. We look at the ways companies can take advantage of it and how to get started.
artificialintelligence  howto  guide  reference 
yesterday by jorgebarba
4 things business leaders should know as they explore AI and deep learning - O'Reilly Media
Our survey reveals how organizations are using tools, techniques, and training to apply AI through deep learning.
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3 days ago by jorgebarba

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