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The Intelligence Augmentation Design Toolkit by Futurice
AI? IA? Machine learning? The intelligence augmentation design toolkit and the associated workshop demystifies machine learning and helps non-tech experts to create smart service concepts. The toolkit can be combined with other Futurice materials, such as Lean Service Creation canvases and the IoT service toolkit. If you’re interested, we can tailor a service creation workshop for your needs - contact us!

The basic toolkit materials are free and licensed under creative commons. We also offer a professional service including an enhanced kit and a tailored workshop.
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RT : Sophia robot citizenship in Saudi Arabia is the first of its kind
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3 days ago by noahsussman
New work! using to generate fake-but-meaningful satellite imagery of Yankee Stadium and som…
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3 days ago by jwtulp
is an approach to that's focused on making machines independently
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