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For those who love the fast-track lane, try keeping up with and how it impacts . Thank…
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2 days ago by jhill5
How I Shipped a Neural Network on iOS with CoreML, PyTorch, and React Native - Stefano J. Attardi
Great walk-through of creating an ML model, converting it into CoreML (to run on iOS) then writing a wrapper to access it from React Native's JS
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3 days ago by adamtait
Automated image analysis with IIIF – Cogapp
The MS Computer Vision caption for this image is “Emanuel Swedenborg sitting in front of a laptop”. This is caused by the images that Microsoft used to train their algorithm, which are evidently contemporary photos and that’s is why it is trying to find laptops, phones, people taking selfies, etc. In the same way, Google’s Deep Dream tries to find faces and cats everywhere.
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4 days ago by danamuses
Artificial Intelligence for data analytics - The Alan Turing Institute
In this project, researchers at The Alan Turing Institute are drawing on new advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to address data wrangling issues; they aim to develop systems that help to automate each stage of the data analytics process.
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4 days ago by researchknowledge
What The Kids’ Game “Telephone” Taught Microsoft About Biased AI
Microsoft illustrates unintentional bias using familiar childhood scenarios. The result? A guide to recognizing–and hopefully reducing–exclusion in AI.
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6 days ago by jorgebarba
The Turk, a chess-playing robot, was a hoax that started an early conversation about AI.
This was one of the big questions rattling around the young mind of Charles Babbage when he first saw the Turk play when it toured England under Maelzel in 1819. Three years later, Babbage began working on the Difference Engine, a machine designed to calculate and tabulate mathematical functions automatically. It was an early step on the path toward artificial intelligence.

"Unlike the new machines of the industrial revolution, which replaced human physical activity, this fragment of the Difference Engine, like the Turk, raised the possibility that machines might eventually be capable of replacing mental activity too," writes Tom Standage in The Turk.
automation  history  mechanicalturk  chess  artificialintelligence  charlesbabbage  mind 
6 days ago by vanevery
Technologie: Wie funktioniert ein Quantencomputer? | ZEIT ONLINE
Manches Wissen wächst in verdammt hohen Gebieten. Trotzdem sollte man sich hin und wieder dorthin aufmachen, auch wenn es richtig anstrengend wird. Willkommen auf dem Pfad der Quanteninformatik.
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7 days ago by fwhamm

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