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How the Tech Industry Coordinated to Squelch Algorithm Transparency in the New NAFTA Deal
A few lines in the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement illuminate tensions emerging among the public’s right to explainable AI , corporate IP and government security.
digital-trade  algorithms  transparency  artificial-intelligence 
3 days ago by javierruiz
AI PORTRAITS What is real and what is fiction? The system is trained on millions of photos of actors and actresses. We are using the faces of people in front of the camera to activate portraits with our GAN.
ai  artificial-intelligence  pocket-recommendation  portrait 
5 days ago by kogakure
Specification gaming examples in AI - master list
Suggested additions for the master list of specification gaming examples in AI: unintended solutions to the specified objective that don't satisfy the designer's intent. This includes reward hacking behaviors in reinforcement learning.
machinelearning  ai  artificial-intelligence  ethics  consequences  objective  unintended 
6 days ago by gnuf

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