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Let’s be honest about the achievements of AI – Phil Madgwick – Medium
There was a really interesting article recently about the way in which the images of AI have changed over the years, and how they continue to mislead the general public in implying that human-type intelligence is just around the corner. Indeed, many studies aim at getting higher impact because of the way they appeal to this fanciful narrative. My last comment would be just to add my voice to the hoards of researchers who would wish that many studies tone down their assumption and speculation on how human intelligence is achieved, to educate the public as to what computers are really capable of.
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3 days ago by JorgeAranda
ConceptNet Numberbatch 17.04: better, less-stereotyped word vectors – ConceptNet blog
Word embeddings or word vectors are a way for computers to understand what words mean in text written by people. The goal is to represent words as lists of numbers, where small changes to the numbers represent small changes to the meaning of the word. This is a technique that helps in building AI algorithms for natural language understanding — using word vectors, the algorithm can compare words by what they mean, not just by how they’re spelled.
algorithms  artificial-intelligence  language  MachineLearning 
3 days ago by javierruiz
Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks for NLP – WildML
I’ll try to summarize what CNNs are, and how they’re used in NLP. The intuitions behind CNNs are somewhat easier to understand for the Computer Vision use case, so I’ll start there, and then slowly move towards NLP.
convolution  machinelearning  language-processing  neural-networks  tutorial  artificial-intelligence  @share 
4 days ago by Mekk
Google DeepMind NHS data deal was ‘legally inappropriate’ | New Scientist
Google DeepMind received 1.6 million identifiable personal medical records on an “inappropriate legal basis”, according to a letter written by Fiona Caldicott at the UK’s National Data Guardian, a government watchdog that monitors patient confidentiality. The letter obtained by Sky News was sent to the medical director of the Royal Free NHS Trust in London on 20 February. The data sharing agreement between the trust and DeepMind was first revealed by a New Scientist investigation last year.
artificial-intelligence  google 
5 days ago by javierruiz
Four steps we’re taking today to fight terrorism online
We have thousands of people around the world who review and counter abuse of our platforms. Our engineers have developed technology to prevent re-uploads of known terrorist content using image-matching technology. We have invested in systems that use content-based signals to help identify new videos for removal. And we have developed partnerships with expert groups, counter-extremism agencies, and the other technology companies to help inform and strengthen our efforts.

Today, we are pledging to take four additional steps.
extremism  online  google  artificial-intelligence 
5 days ago by javierruiz
Hard Questions: How We Counter Terrorism | Facebook Newsroom
In this post, we’ll walk through some of our behind-the-scenes work, including how we use artificial intelligence to keep terrorist content off Facebook, something we have not talked about publicly before. We will also discuss the people who work on counterterrorism, some of whom have spent their entire careers combating terrorism, and the ways we collaborate with partners outside our company.
extremism  online  facebook  artificial-intelligence  socialmedia 
5 days ago by javierruiz
Automated systems fight ISIS propaganda, but at what cost? | The Verge
Some find that prospect troubling. Digital rights groups have long expressed concerns over allowing Facebook and Twitter to be arbiters of free speech, and they fear that an automated system would lead to more widespread censorship. Jillian York, director for international freedom of expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, cautioned in an email that "automation always comes with false positives," adding that "sometimes it's not merely the technology, but also the implementation or implementers, that are flawed." Joe McNamee, executive director of the Brussels-based advocacy group European Digital Rights (EDRi), said in an interview that efforts to automate content removal may actually hinder counter-speech, which a recent Google-backed study found to be an effective way of sparking online debate.
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5 days ago by javierruiz

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