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Evolving embodied intelligence from materials to machines | Nature Machine Intelligence
Natural lifeforms specialize to their environmental niches across many levels, from low-level features such as DNA and proteins, through to higher-level artefacts including eyes, limbs and overarching body plans. We propose ‘multi-level evolution’, a bottom-up automatic process that designs robots across multiple levels and niches them to tasks and environmental conditions. Multi-level evolution concurrently explores constituent molecular and material building blocks, as well as their possible assemblies into specialized morphological and sensorimotor configurations. Multi-level evolution provides a route to fully harness a recent explosion in available candidate materials and ongoing advances in rapid manufacturing processes. We outline a feasible architecture that realizes this vision, highlight the main roadblocks and how they may be overcome, and show robotic applications to which multi-level evolution is particularly suited. By forming a research agenda to stimulate discussion between researchers in related fields, we hope to inspire the pursuit of multi-level robotic design all the way from material to machine.
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Keeping track of what AI can do and where it is being applied.
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Report Identifies 4 Areas Where AI Benefits Higher Ed
According to a new report, the four areas where artificial intelligence could prove most beneficial in higher education are:

Student acquisition, where AI could personalize the enrollment experience for students and help schools target those applicants most likely to succeed in their programs;
Learning and instruction, where AI could help instructors do grading and provide instructional help to students;
Student affairs, where AI could assist in degree planning and intervene with struggling students to provide advising or other resources; and
Institutional efficiency, where AI could compile data from multiple systems to guide administration decision-making
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This clever AI hid data from its creators to cheat at its appointed task | TechCrunch
"… it didn’t learn how to make one from the other. It learned how to subtly encode the features of one into the noise patterns of the other. The details of the aerial map are secretly written into the actual visual data of the street map: thousands of tiny changes in color that the human eye wouldn’t notice, but that the computer can easily detect."
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