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The SaaS memo most ERP vendors missed
The SaaS memo most ERP vendors missed

ERP vendors and pure-play SaaS vendors are genetically and fundamentally different. While the former like to tell us they’re now a SaaS business, most aren’t.…
9 hours ago by Raymond1974
Knuth: Fantasia Apocalyptica
Fantasia Apocalyptica is a multimedia work for pipe organ, accompanied by several video tracks. It can be regarded as a somewhat literal translation of the Biblical book of Revelation into music.
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16 hours ago by jaumeb
Making Dad Jokes is, in Fact, a Neurological Condition | Literary Hub
Puns have long been considered the lowest form of wit. And that's true, to the extent that puns are, in fact, the foundation for all higher forms of wit.
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19 hours ago by Anne

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