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Fangs: the lightning rise of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google
The tech giants have ballooned in value by $250bn since January - double the value of all the gold mined in a year - in four months.
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The genius of The Great British Bake Off | Television & radio | The Guardian
[C]ake-baking today invokes a spirit of play-acting. Professor Nicola Humble, the author of Cake: A Global History, argued that baking is now often “a kind of drag: playing at being feminine in a way we no longer know how to be.” The nostalgic cupcakes that became fashionable at the turn of the 21st century, she added, were perfect examples of what the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard called simulacra – postmodern copies of an original that no longer exists, and perhaps never did.

This is precisely the space in which The Great British Bake Off operates, in this complicated play of tone between serious and not serious; competitive and not competitive; ironic and not ironic. Take its attitude to competition. Bake Off’s notable lack of ruthlessness (the bakers help each other out in times of crisis) draws in part on traditional British sporting values that are seen to have leaked out of much professional sport: fair play, decency, generosity in defeat, graciousness in victory and the appearance of not taking the thing too seriously.
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Per Hagman: Allas älskare, ingens älskling
Per Hagman är en suverän stilist rent språkligt, utan att göra särskilt mycket väsen av det. Textflödet verkar spontant, men många språkliga vändningar är så musikaliska och komplexa att de närmar sig poesin.
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2 days ago by mikael

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