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Museerna ger bort sina kunskaper gratis till Facebook
Skattefinansierade museer betalar för att sprida sina kunskaper på Facebook – ett företag som inte betalar skatt. Museikommunikatören Joakim Carlson vill att politikerna tar tag i dilemmat.
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yesterday by mikael
This Is Your Brain on Silence - Issue 38: Noise
Contrary to popular belief, peace and quiet is all about the noise in your head.
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yesterday by mikael
The Case Against Google
Critics say the search giant is squelching competition before it begins. Should the government step in?
business  google  netcritique  articles  usa  economics 
yesterday by mikael
“Just an Ass-Backward Tech Company”: How Twitter Lost the Internet War
Twitter faces more challenges than most technology companies: ISIS terrorists, trolls, bots, and Donald Trump. But its last line of defense, the company’s head of trust and safety, Del Harvey, isn’t making things easier. “Del overcomplicates things . . . and you can see that in the way some of these things are handled publicly.”
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yesterday by mikael
America’s Real Digital Divide
Kids are in real danger here and adults need to pay attention.
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2 days ago by scottboms

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