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Designing state machines | Drivy Engineering
State machines are a very powerful tool but are often underused in web development. The design process forces you to think hard about how you want to model your data, about the different objects lifecycles, about the way you want to expose your data and communicate with your whole team, and about the upcoming evolutions.
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yesterday by maluta
Anvisningar för registrering i DiVA
Syftet med anvisningarna är att vara ett komplement till rektorsbeslutet om registrering i DiVA. De ska fungera som ett praktiskt stöd för dig som forskare när du registrerar dina publikationer.
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yesterday by thomas.carrington
Where Gravity Is Weak and Naked Singularities Are Verboten | Quanta Magazine
Recent calculations tie together two conjectures about gravity, potentially revealing new truths about its elusive quantum nature.
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2 days ago by gmisra
Smog in our brains
Researchers are identifying startling connections between air pollution and decreased cognition and well-being.
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2 days ago by gmisra

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