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The potential unintended consequences of Article 13 • YouTube Creator Blog
Susan Wojcicki is CEO of YouTube:
<p>We have worked hard to ensure creators and artists are fairly compensated for their work. In the last year, YouTube paid content owners across the EU €800m. We have also paid the global music industry more than €1.5bn from advert-generated revenue alone.

However, this creator economy is under threat from a section of the EU’s efforts to revise its copyright directive, known as article 13, which holds internet companies directly responsible for any copyright infringement in the content shared on their platform.

While we support the goals of article 13, the European Parliament’s current proposal will create unintended consequences that will have a profound impact on the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people.

The parliament’s approach is unrealistic in many cases because copyright owners often disagree over who owns what rights. If the owners cannot agree, it is impossible to expect the open platforms that host this content to make the correct rights decisions.

Take the global music hit “Despacito”. This video contains multiple copyrights, ranging from sound recording to publishing rights. Although YouTube has agreements with multiple entities to license and pay for the video, some of the rights holders remain unknown. That uncertainty means we might have to block videos like this to avoid liability under article 13.</p>

One suspects there's a teensy bit of dissembling going on here. An <a href="">FT article from September</a> says
<p>One of the most contentious elements of the draft legislation, known as article 13, would require the use of “upload filters” to pre-scan user uploaded content to ensure it did not breach copyright rules. Critics say this would hamper internet freedom and kill off content such as social media memes.</p>

Come on, Google. Despacito is a piece of licensed music. Where rightsholders are unknown, money gets paid into account for when they turn up. The filter stuff is going to hurt YouTube.
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7 days ago by charlesarthur
RT : The fate of Europe's and are now being decided behind closed-doors. But many of EU's member s…
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27 days ago by kevinmarks
RT : compliant memes page on is hilarious! Couldn't find anything similar here.. any pointers…
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9 weeks ago by Surliminal
European Parliament - Copyright in the Digital Single Market ***I
You can read the amended version of Article 13 in this document on page 56.
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9 weeks ago by kristofa
Filtri, link, contenuti degli utenti. Cosa cambia con la riforma del copyright – Valigia Blu
Il 12 settembre il testo di riforma della direttiva copyright è stato votato ed approvato dal Parlamento europeo. Si tratta in sostanza del medesimo testo bocciato a luglio, ma stavolta il voto è stato a favore, anche se con l’approvazione di alcuni emendamenti che comunque ne mutano ben poco l’impianto.
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9 weeks ago by aldolat
Today, Europe Lost The Internet. Now, We Fight Back. | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Today, in a vote that split almost every major EU party, Members of the European Parliament adopted every terrible proposal in the new Copyright Directive and rejected every good one, setting the stage for mass, automated surveillance and arbitrary censorship of the internet: text messages like tweets and Facebook updates; photos; videos; audio; software code -- any and all media that can be copyrighted.
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9 weeks ago by vrypan
Some fun.

will be trivially bypassed.

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0…
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9 weeks ago by dentarg
How to fix the Copyright Directive lobbying disaster – Connected Rights
TODAY’S EU COPYRIGHT VOTE WENT ABOUT AS BADLY as could be feared: MEPs approved articles 11 and 13, meaning that unless member states push back (and good luck with that), it will likely become illegal to link to an article using the headline for that article, and all but the smallest websites will need to install upload filters to weed out copyright-protected content.
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9 weeks ago by laurakalbag
Perfectly illustrating how style censorship technology could be expanded beyond , the EC annou…
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10 weeks ago by Surliminal
RT : Here's how the European political groups voted on today (, Voss' proposal). Total: 366 in…
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10 weeks ago by sfermigier
Here's how the European political groups voted on today (, Voss' proposal). Total: 366 in…
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10 weeks ago by jubois
RT : Now that has been adopted, let’s not despair. Instead, let’s see it as an opportunity for more decentral…
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10 weeks ago by sfermigier
OMG. Actual defense of censorship machines is "well, it's just like ContentID and no one has complained…
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10 weeks ago by eh
RT : Red alert: On Wednesday, the EU votes on —a disastrous proposal that would require websites to filter and…
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10 weeks ago by garrett
RT : The bizarre reasoning behind : we do not trust US tech so we'll give them the keys to the free speech of…
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10 weeks ago by sfermigier

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