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Static electricity - Wikipedia
Electrons can be exchanged between materials on contact; materials with weakly bound electrons tend to lose them while materials with sparsely filled outer shells tend to gain them. This is known as the triboelectric effect and results in one material becoming positively charged and the other negatively charged. The polarity and strength of the charge on a material once they are separated depends on their relative positions in the triboelectric series. The triboelectric effect is the main cause of static electricity as observed in everyday life, and in common high-school science demonstrations involving rubbing different materials together (e.g., fur against an acrylic rod). Contact-induced charge separation causes your hair to stand up and causes "static cling" (for example, a balloon rubbed against the hair becomes negatively charged; when near a wall, the charged balloon is attracted to positively charged particles in the wall, and can "cling" to it, appearing to be suspended against gravity).
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Nel decimo municipio, che domenica torna alle urne, la violenza non è una novità: negli ultimi sette anni è lunga la lista delle aggressioni da parte…
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RA: Opinion: Why we're stopping the RA polls
We're no longer running the RA polls. Here's why. Since Resident Advisor began back in 2001, our mission has remained the same: to support local electronic music scenes and to connect the larger electronic music community. But outside of those core goals, plenty has changed.
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Historically, men translated the Odyssey. Here’s what happened when a woman took the job. - Vox
“Tell me about a complicated man.” So begins Emily Wilson’s new translation, which reveals how the ancient story is relevant today.
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