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Toggle Buttons
If you thought toggle buttons were pretty straight forward then do we have a post for you!
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7 hours ago by justinavery
Explainer: Why you should care about ‘Chevron deference’
Embed from Getty Images Even if you’ve been closely following the Supreme Court nomination hearings of Judge Neil Gorsuch, you probably missed this seven-word statement by Democrat Amy…
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8 hours ago by dwight
Why Sears is failing and closing stores
Surprisingly, a "brilliant" asset-manager doesn't necessarily make a good CEO of a retail chain, especially when he wants to convert it into a tech company "like Amazon". (and then quietly asset-stripping it on the side)
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8 hours ago by mechazoidal
Why is Vertical Rhythm an Important Typography Practice? | Zell Liew
Helpful article because it illustrates an article without and with vertical rhythm applied.

The origin of this calculation is the line-height of your body text
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10 hours ago by vahan010
Smashing Magazine just got 10x faster
Smashing Magazine have made a massive move after 10 years on the same CMS platform. While Wordpress has done them well over that time, Netlify offers a static CMS that can't help but be lightning fast.
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18 hours ago by justinavery
DeepMind NHS: Royal Free hospital 'saving hours each day with Google's AI' | WIRED UK
DeepMind, Google's London-based AI arm, has proved controversial with its data sharing deals with the NHS but the NHS Royal Free London hospital, which has been using the firm's app to detect early signs of kidney failure, has come out in defence saying the technology is saving staff time.
yesterday by mud

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