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Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Stop You From Reading This Because The Algorithms Have Already Won
There’s a decent chance that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will see this story. It's relevant to his interests and nominally about him and the media and advertising industries his company has managed to upend and dominate. So the odds that it will appear in his Facebook News Feed are reasonably good. And should that happen, Zuckerberg might wince at this story’s headline or roll his eyes in frustration at its thesis. He might even cringe at the idea that others might see it on Facebook as well. And some almost certainly will. Because if Facebook works as designed, there's a chance this article will also be routed or shared to their News Feeds. And there's little the Facebook CEO can do to stop it, because he's not really in charge of his platform — the algorithms are.
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16 hours ago by lukasz
YC’s Essential Startup Advice
YC’s Essential Startup Advice A lot of the advice we give startups is tactical; meant to be helpful on a day to day or week to week basis. But some advice is more fundamental. We’ve collected here what we at YC consider the most important, most transformative advice for startups. via Pocket
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18 hours ago by jeremyday
Nashville church shooting victim 'laid quietly and played like I was dead'
Catherine Dickerson was one of seven injured by a gunman at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tenn.
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18 hours ago by dwight
Match-fixing is more common than ever
IN 2008 Lou Vincent, a former New Zealand international cricketer, was playing in a now-defunct Indian Twenty20 cricket league. A man claiming to represent a cricket-bat manufacturer invited him to a hotel room. But instead of being shown bats he was offered a prostitute and a wad of cash.
21 hours ago by mud
Writing Well about Terrible People |
A good piece on the NYT's uncritical coverage of that awful MRA ex-Googler.
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21 hours ago by tremolo
A Vicious Entanglement, Part II: Idealism Chastened in Vietnam
Jon Askonas: "There’s a perverse cycle that takes us from Bush’s earnest nation-building in Iraq to Obama’s extension of an American strategy in Afghanistan he didn’t believe would work. Who should Americans prefer: the sincere and idealistic Kennedy who gets us involved in Vietnam or the cynical and realistic Nixon who ignominiously extracts us? And what would it take to break the cycle?"
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21 hours ago by mechazoidal

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