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Scegliamo noi i libri da leggere o sono loro a scegliere noi? - Guido Vitiello - Internazionale
Finite le scuole non riuscivo a scegliere da sola un libro. Poi tutto è cambiato, ma mi chiedo: sono davvero io a scegliere? Leggi
5 hours ago by K3it4r0
The Particular Importance of Not Being Particularly Important
"The people who are important now are not the people who will be important later."
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5 hours ago by dwight
Why Our Attentions Spans Are Shot
We appear to have lost the ability to simply be alone with our thoughts.
article  psychology 
5 hours ago by emsih
Uncertainty now rules – and it’s reinvigorating our politics | Zoe Williams | Opinion | The Guardian
"I hadn’t considered how it [misrepresenting Corbyn] underestimates Conservative voters, denies their intelligence, extinguishes their idealism, infantilises them. As surely as there are progressives who feel politically homeless – soft left remoaners, centre left internationalists, right-ish left pragmatists – there are conservatives who feel homeless too. Tories who believe in the international order; Tories who don’t miss the empire; Tories who respect free markets, but like them fettered by reasonable institutions; Tories who have no desire to turn the UK into the Grand Cayman Islands; Tories who think a little bit of state intervention – for instance, when you are struck down at random with an illness that is cruel enough without a price tag – is a good thing; Tories who are socially liberal; Tories who believe in free movement; these Tories have no place in Theresa May’s rhetoric. Maybe that’s why she’s dropped “Conservative party” from her literature – not because the brand is off-putting to the wider public, but because she knows she’s a hair’s breadth away from baiting her party into a full-throated “no”. She is not, by any definition I can think of, a conservative. No amount of nostalgia can disguise her radicalism."
uk  politics  article  opinion 
7 hours ago by tremolo
Armati di videocamere - Amira Hass - Internazionale
La settimana scorsa ho avuto l’ennesima conferma del motivo per cui l’identità delle fonti palestinesi non va rivelata. Leggi
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13 hours ago by K3it4r0
Il poliziotto che usa Facebook per identificare i morti nel Mediterraneo - Annalisa Camilli - Internazionale
L’ispettore capo della polizia giudiziaria della procura di Siracusa è riuscito in due anni a contattare le famiglie di 24 persone annegate in un naufragio.…
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13 hours ago by K3it4r0

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