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Shakshuka (North African-Style Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce) Recipe | Serious Eats
Don't believe Kenji when he tells you that you can use tomatoes in your cast iron. I had a ridiculously well-seasoned skillet and, after following this recipe, nearly all of the seasoning was stripped.

It's also much easier to handle leftovers if you make the shakshuka without the eggs and cook them on demand in a separate pan.
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june 2018 by danengler
Spring-Vegetable Paella Recipe - Quick from Scratch Vegetable Main Dishes | Food & Wine
4/8/17. Spring-Vegetable Paella. Very little in here is Spanish, and Carmela and I agreed that it was lacking something. I didn’t have pimientos, but used pequillos, which are similar. I used artichoke hearts, asparagus, frozen green beans, and frozen peas, but no tomato or turmeric. The pequillo peppers provided more than enough color, by the way. I didn’t add the cannellini beans, which really seem redundant. Certainly add some more herbs, and maybe hot pepper, maybe lemon juice.
rice  pimientos  artichokehearts  asparagus  tomatoes  peas  beans 
april 2017 by bodeswell
Mushroom and Artichoke Lasagna |
interesting mainly for the combination of artichoke hearts and mushrooms and pasta. No real point in the slow cooker. 6 to8 hours on low 3 to 4 hours on high
mushrooms  artichokehearts  ricotta  spinach  mozzarella  parmesan 
october 2016 by bodeswell
Pasta with Artichoke Pesto Recipe - Chowhound
5/23/16. Pasta with Artichoke Pesto. My ricotta had gone bad, so I used an equivalent amount of creme fraiche. I collapsed some steps, mixing the basil and the creme fraiche into the pesto with the food processor. I doubt it makes much of a difference. Would have been creamier with ricotta, I guess. A good summer meal. This was good; Carmela liked it a lot. I made a half recipe and I thought there was more pesto than necessary.
artichokehearts  pasta  basil  ricotta  Parmesan  rigatoni  penne  farfalle  summer 
may 2016 by bodeswell
Coco de Mama | italian recipes Chicken Rolls with Pancetta Stuffed with Artichoke and Bell Peppers ...
Interesting way of chopping the vegetables with a hand mixer. 3/11/14. Chicken Rolls with Pancetta Stuffed with Artichoke and Bell Peppers. Didn’t use the pancetta, and it didn’t matter. The stuffing was a very good combination – onions, red pepper, and artichoke hearts. However, the technique of mixing the vegetables didn’t work with the artichoke hearts, which were the frozen kind. I guess if you only used real artichoke hearts, it would be fine. Anyway, I had sliced the chicken breast thin, but they weren’t wide enough to roll easily. Also too small to tie up easily. And the outer layer of breast got very tough. I think pounding would fix that. However, it was still a good meal. Maybe try again sometime.
bonelesschickenbreasts  artichokehearts  pancetta  redpeppers  capers  technique 
january 2014 by bodeswell
Chicken Breasts with Artichoke-Olive Sauce Recipe - Marcie Turney | Food & Wine
12/5/13. Chicken Breasts with Artichoke-Olive Sauce. I varied this recipe somewhat. Browned a breast and a leg/thigh well. Deglazed the pan with white wine. Spread chopped onion in the bottom of a roasting pan, added deglazed pan juices, and put the chicken on top of it in a 375º oven for about a half hour. Had to cover it when I put Will’s tots in the oven at 425º, but I actually don’t think that made a great difference. Used artichoke hearts from a jar, well rinsed. Chopped about eight olives. Pulled out the chicken, strained out the onions and put the pan juices in a gravy separator. Using the juices, made the sauce, adding in some peas. Thickened very quickly and was very good. Probably could have used some parsley or other herb – oregano? But good.
feta  artichokehearts  Chicken  bonelesschickenbreasts  Olives 
june 2013 by bodeswell
Make-Ahead Recipe: Sausage, Artichoke & Goat Cheese Egg Bake Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn
A go-to in the sense of a model to vary. 11/23/14. Egg Bake. This time I used olives instead of sun-dried tomatoes and did not include any greens (chard last time). I used more cheese as well. This was not as good as the previous one. The olives made it better, overall it was heavier, and the cheese tended to take over. 11/17/14. Sausage, Artichoke, and Goat Cheese Egg Bake. This was very good, and a good model that could be varied a great deal. I used eight eggs, and that produced small leftovers after a small meal. Followed the proportions pretty exactly. It really did need a vegetable or something to go with, but it is worth doing again.
eggs  sausage  artichokehearts  goatcheese  sundriedtomatoes  go-to 
april 2013 by bodeswell
Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo Pasta Recipe « Chef Marcus Samuelsson¬es=
5/9/16. Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo. This was pretty good, although maybe a little thick. Less goat cheese maybe. But a good change. I don’t see it as having the flavor palette of alfredo, which is indeed too rich, but it’s good on its own. My notes suggest creme fraiche instead of the goat cheese, and that’s an idea. Make a recipe using creme fraiche and some cheeses.
cream  fettucine  artichokehearts  cremefraiche  pasta  redpeppers 
november 2012 by bodeswell
Linguine Avgolemono with Artichoke Hearts and Green Beans Recipe at
9/26/11. Linguine Avgolemono with Artichoke Hearts and Green Beans was really good. Following the reviews, I cut the lemon juice in half. I agreed with Carmela that the artichoke hearts should have been cut smaller ? to 3/8 inch, even though the green beans, at 2 inches, were fine.
artichokehearts  cream  greenbeans  go-to  pasta  linguine 
september 2011 by bodeswell

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