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but at least the war is over - Chapter 1 - werewolfsquad - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
John should’ve left already.

He willed himself to go. Get up, get moving. Would be so easy to gather his feet under him. Hell, there was a horse grazing in eyeshot, one of many they’d shot the Pinkerton off the back of. No Old Boy, but still. He could ride down to Copperhead Landing, no fuss. Gather Abigail, Jack, get the hell out of New Hanover.

He couldn’t leave Arthur. The thought settled in his stomach like a weight, tethering him to the ground below him.


John forces Arthur to keep on living. Even acts of love come with consequences.
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High Country - manic_intent - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
“Ain’t pretty,” Arthur warned as Charles loped down to the border between Montana and Yellowstone Park.

“When is it ever?” Chief Ranger Charles Smith came to a slow stop beside Arthur. They were both clad in the grey and olive green uniform of a park ranger, the same pale cream hat. Badges and patches marked Charles as the chief and Arthur as a law enforcement ranger. A year in and the uniform still felt surreal on Arthur’s shoulders. It was the best job he’d ever had.

“It’s her,” Arthur said quietly.
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Hard Way Home - manic_intent - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
The sun was beating down hot over his throat and cheek when Arthur next woke to the land of the living, which he announced by flailing and trying to sit up. A hand shoved him back down onto the bed of dirty straw and clothes Arthur had been lying on, and a vaguely familiar face peered at him overhead. It was the newcomer, Sadie. Her blonde hair had been hacked short, and the grief and disorientation on her face had hardened into grimness.

“You up,” Sadie said. She had a hoarse snarl of a voice, a wounded animal forever wounded.
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New Blood - manic_intent - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
“You trying to get me in trouble, kid?” Arthur said as he slowed Boadicea to a walk.

The skinny kid who Hosea and Dutch had fished out of some nowhere town out west scowled and straightened up in the saddle. He wasn’t much of a horseman—his ‘borrowed’ horse, the usually docile Lady May, snorted and chewed at the bit. If he’d stolen Lady May out from under the noses of everyone in camp though, he was in trouble. “Not a kid,” said the kid, sticking out his lower lip. “Name’s John.”

“And how old are you, John?” Arthur gave John a pointed once-over.
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I'm Listening (now) - cosmicfuss - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur Morgan is a lot of things. Being good at listening isn't one of them.

John Marston is a lot of things. Being good at talking isn't one of them.


or: John has never really hidden how he feels and Arthur still hasn't caught on, until maybe he gets a big push
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Confessions as Currency - gwennolmarie - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
“What ‘bout you?” Arthur asks quietly as he strokes the bottom few inches of his length while John’s fingers cradle the head.

John leans his hips forward against the wagon.

It doesn’t help much, the hard, unrelenting wood, but it’s a solid thing to press against.

He feels his face flushed bright and hot as he avoids Arthur’s eyes.

“C’mon, you wanna repay me?” Arthur whispers, “Tell me.”
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I've got more than whiskey in mind - Quietelm - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur was on his knees in front of him and John had no idea how that had happened.
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Up On the Homestead - CedarTheBarefoot - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
A wholesome series in which Arthur Morgan and John Marston are living safely together, and very much in love, on their own homestead. Growing their own crops, breeding horses, and making their own way. No explanation as to how or why, they just are.
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Autumn - Chapter 1 - CedarTheBarefoot - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
John and Arthur are in the midst of preparations for winter. This process includes runs to town for supplies, selling livestock, and stocking the cellar. An old friend of theirs is expected to visit the homestead to take a look at one of Arthur’s horses. The day turns out to be a bit more exciting than they had initially planned. And more violent.
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SUN IN YOUR EYES - Chapter 1 - childstar - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur spends a little too long in the desert with Dutch and John. Even the most open of landscapes can get stiflingly insular, can make a man lose himself, even a man of Arthur's restraint.
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Medicinally - castiiron - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
“You stayin’?” Arthur asks, surprised. He’s used to their ritual of John slipping out of the tent with his pants half undone and Arthur pretending like he didn't have bruises lining the length of his neck the next morning.

“Someone’s gotta make sure you ain't gonna die in your sleep."
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Ghosts That We Knew - Kawaiibooker - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
John decides it's never too late to face his fears. Arthur helps him actually pull through with it.
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Other Arrangements - Smalls2233 - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
Dutch is gone and John has his first heat.
Arthur knows what he needs to do.
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Antagonise - Chapter 1 - PinkViking - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur was in a bad mood. There was no two ways about it so, to make himself feel better, he does what he does best. Antagonise John Marston.
Thing is, John gets the better of him and Arthur finds himself spiraling into a crisis full of self loathing and confusion instead.
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To A Fault - sciencefictioness - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
It isn’t deliberate.

Not that first night, at least.

He just can’t sleep sometimes. Drifting off is easy, but then John wakes up screaming, clutching at a rope that hasn’t been wrapped around his throat in years— clawing at his neck, gasping like he’s suffocating. He still remembers what dying felt like; the trembling, fragile intimacy of it.

Still remembers the loud crack of Arthur’s gun. Arthur’s calloused hands on his face as he coaxed John up out of the mud, eyes so bright they hurt to look at, shhh, you’re all right now, boy. I gotchu.

Arthur wasn’t lying. He had him then, and he has him now, and every single day in between. Dutch looks out for them all, but in a fight it’s always Arthur standing at John’s back. Arthur’s bullets taking down the men in John’s way. Arthur’s hand on his shoulder when he’s shaking with adrenaline, easy, now, easy.

It is never easy, but it’s easier, with him there.
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Spring - CedarTheBarefoot - Red Dead Redemption (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur Morgan, you could sleep through an earthquake. John glanced out the window. It was more than an hour after dawn, and still Arthur slept.

While John had been content to stay an early riser, Arthur had kicked the habit. For the majority of his life, he was one of the first to awake. He had always provided for the camp. Without Arthur’s protection and care, they wouldn’t have made it as far as they did.
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three in a bed for two - dilangley - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
In the middle of the night, through a haze of feverish delirium, John Marston called out for Arthur Morgan, and Abigail Roberts realized what she should have known all along.
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You Are My Sunshine - Chapter 1 - BetweenTownleys - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur thinks of Hosea saying that the pencil should be guided by love; that looking at a thing is not the same as seeing a thing, and that this is the difference between a hack job and a man with any real modicum of talent. Arthur thinks about how inextricably his loyalty, faith and love are all tangled up together inside his heart, and he draws John’s portrait up in the tree as faithfully as he can, faithful enough even to remember the bits of twigs stuck fast in his wild black mop of dirty hair.

This is the first time Arthur thinks that he loves John.

[a canon-compliant prequel Morston tragedy, in 8 parts]
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American Outlaws - Chapter 1 - manic_intent - Red Dead Redemption [Archive of Our Own]
“Bounty’s for one ‘Jim Milton’,” Sadie said, as she got close to the man under the oak tree. “Wanted for murder, robbery, and unnatural acts.”

“Unnatural what?”

“Don’t got details on here.” Sadie passed the folded up poster to her hunting partner. “You all right?”

Arthur Morgan didn’t answer her as he smoothed open the poster. He was aggressively smoking a cigarette, his second, judging from the stub on the grass.
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