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Inception Anonymous Kink Meme - Prompt Post No. 3
"You never told me you were from Ohio," Eames says for at least the eighteenth time.

"I never said I was," says Arthur, hands on the wheel. No punching while driving, he reminds himself.

"And yet here we are," says Eames. "I never would have pegged you as so thoroughly Middle America as all this."

"I just said my family lives here," says Arthur. "I didn't say I was from here."
arthur/eames  crossover  a.anon  2015-05  3rdrockfromthesun  inception 
5 days ago by pastself
you look like my next mistake
Extractors do not fall in love with other Extractors. Those are the rules. Those have always been the rules. Arthur's been following the rules since he started this job. But lately there's been something-- someone-- who makes him think maybe breaking the rules would be worth it.
arthur/eames  arthurloveseames  eameslovearthur  awesome 
9 days ago by kayceecruz
Ne me quitte pas - involuntaryorange - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"You get a little crazy two days before the draft of your master’s thesis is due."
arthur/eames  nc-17  au  au:college 
13 days ago by annejumps
[AU] One For the Money by whiskeyrunner
in which eames is a retired pornstar working for a porn company and arthur is looking for some easy money. eames falls in love and things get complicated.
arthur/eames  au  fic  inception  a/e  fandom  pornstar!au 
14 days ago by ambitious
Geekery - Inception Kink Fill: Eames/Arthur
in which Eames is an upcoming chef and Arthur is a floor manager
inception  au  arthur/eames  a/e  fic  fandom  chef!au  cooking 
14 days ago by ambitious
aimlesstravels: Fic: (Non) Compos Mentis Hora Smoni, 1/2 [Inception]
in which arthur is a psychiatric hospital inside a dream inside a dream (in which arthur can't wake up and the team try to perform inception)
arthur/eames  inception  fandom  fic  heart-wrenching 
14 days ago by ambitious
Signed, Sealed, Delivered by pyrimidine
in which arthur owns a break-up service through which people can indirectly break up with their significant others. eames seems to be everywhere
arthur/eames  a/e  au  inception  fic  fandom  uplifting 
14 days ago by ambitious
What Cannot Be Concealed - Aviss - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Eames has a hidden ace up his sleeve and Arthur is not quite the person he thinks.

Eames didn't have a totem. Or it would be better to say he didn't have just one totem.

He had four.

And one of them was so much more than just that.
arthur/eames  inception  1-5k 
15 days ago by sori
All the Stars by scarlit_starlet
Backstory - Arthur is an army brat and Eames steals his father's PASIV.
fic  inception  a/e  backstory  arthur/eames 
21 days ago by ambitious
huge list of all kinds of inception fics - good for finding lj ones
fic  search  archive  arthur/eames 
22 days ago by ambitious
discovery by solvent
a/e, deleted from ao3, cached copy


Lawyer AU, written for this prompt at the Inception kink meme: Arthur goes to a bar with his friends to celebrate getting hired at a new job. He meets Eames, who is tattooed and unshaven, sporting a leather jacket and generally rough-looking. It's lust at first sight, because he's everything Arthur's attracted to but won't let himself have, and Arthur is giddy and low on inhibitions.

They have an incredibly hot night, and Arthur does the walk of shame in the morning, swearing he'll never do it again even as he's shivering with memories. Eames is hot, but obviously a dumb thug, not up to Arthur's standards. But when Arthur shows up to work on Monday morning, Eames is his gorgeously-suited, suddenly erudite and brilliant boss. But Eames doesn't seem to remember him!
a/e  inception  boss/employee  lawyer  au  pining  fic  arthur/eames 
22 days ago by ambitious
東亞細亞 LOVE SONG TOUR by weatherfront / Ifrit
"In an attempt to woo Eames the way he implies he would like to be wooed, Arthur asks for a little help from his friends throughout East Asia. Unfortunately, the cosmos conspires against him."
fandom:inception  author:weatherfront  arthur/eames  recommended 
27 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
東亞細亞 LOVE SONG TOUR - weatherfront - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Arthur gets it in his head that the best way to woo Eames is to serenade him in a language he can't speak. WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS AND WHY CAN'T I STOP LAUGHING.
!inception  arthur/eames  teamfic  fanfic 
28 days ago by epaulettes
The Waking Years - weatherfront - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur and Eames are voted most likely to hook up by a dream-share magazine. They decide to test this, and then feelings happen.
arthur/eames  inception  weatherfront 
29 days ago by wildestranger
Burn Brighter - redcat512 - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
The first time Arthur meets him, Eames tries to fist-bump him, makes a crack about Camelot and commits crimes against humanity by wearing a leopard print t-shirt.

Eames is the fourth member of the team, as Cobb and Mal being on their second anniversary trip means that Arthur was going slowly crazy without work and is forced into working with other people. The other two members are Zoe, a forceful and un-compromising extractor, and Andrei, the silent and anti-social architect.
inception  arthur/eames  epic 
5 weeks ago by silkyluster

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