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[no title]
Short shorts; heart breaks
yesterday by gypsypond
[no title]
Eames is a superhero; Arthur builds an escalator; Eames gets attached to Arthur's penguin.
3 days ago by gypsypond
ti sento - ataxophilia - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"Someone leaves Arthur an anonymous request during his daily practice. Arthur plays along. It becomes a thing."
arthur/eames  au 
3 days ago by annejumps
The Importance of Being by sevenimpossiblethings [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur is a stage manager. Eames is a star.

(Also: Robert names The Scottish Play, Ariadne likes to shout, and Mal just wants the dining hall to start serving wine.)
20k-25k  unread  a.sevenimpossiblethings  arthur/eames  inception  au 
4 days ago by pastself
[no title]
they are fighters in the pit, the money could exist, but the collar would never come off
4 days ago by gypsypond
Antimony - jibrailis - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Dreamshare goes legal, Arthur goes corporate, Eames goes and (against his better judgement) falls in love.
arthur/eames  inception  au 
14 days ago by vergeofnothing
Toxic - witling - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames tackles him from behind, brings him down onto his belly on the carpet, and plants a knee in his back. “What,” he pants, “the hell.”

Arthur gets into trouble, and can't remember how he got there. Eames lends a hand.
inception  arthur/eames  #amnesia  (20001-50000) 
15 days ago by unavee
오메가가 멸종위기인 세계관으로 핟톢
“생각보다 잔인하다, 너. 언제까지 모른 척 할 셈이야.”
20 days ago by gypsypond
Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer by eleveninches (Adult, 19,796 words)
Arthur joins the mile high club, Cobb joins the broken hearts club, Eames joins the smug extractors' club, and Yusuf just wants to club everyone. Or, Eames steals Cobb's point man.
fic  [Inception]  slash  Arthur/Eames  Dom-Cobb  futurefic  curtain-fic  humor  Long 
20 days ago by tenillypo
[no title]
Arthur and Eames in an illegal fight ring in Russia; they and their daemons; they as puppies, or Arthur as a golden; Arthur sketches Eames
21 days ago by gypsypond
포레스트 곰저씨랑 산토끼수인 닐 일가족 얘기
오두막에 도착한 톰은 엄빠를 찾았어. 그런데 포레스트는 가죽을 팔러 시장에 갔고, 집에는 닐토끼만 혼자 남아 담배풀을 냠냠거리며 빈둥거리고 있었어. 엄마! 애덤이 물에 빠졌어여ㅠㅠ 그런데 늑대가 와서 물어감.. 그 이야기를 듣고 1미터는 뛰어오른 닐은 거기가 어디냐며 톰을 앞세우고 달려갔어. 이 얼간아 그렇다고 동생을 두고오면 어떡하니 하고 혼내면서, 일단은 프레디와 애덤이 있는 곳에 도착했어.
21 days ago by gypsypond
the rebel french - Chapter 1 - primavera - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur barely registers the bullet through his knee. It's the second bullet that does it: hits him square in the chest, takes him clean off his feet.
arthur/eames  inception 
23 days ago by unread
indysaur: Lives I've Pursued
Arthur could live like this, or this.

A bit meandering but lovely, with a striking Arthur voice.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  postcanon  <10K 
23 days ago by spatz
[Inception] ethrosdemon - Unexpected Plot Twist - Arthur/Eames
(No author summary.)
The message: Normally I wouldn't bother to even stoop to ask, but I've heard you're dangling in the wind these days. It's not good to leave you to your own devices, surely. I have a job.

That's it. No number. No email address. No details.
ethrosdemon  action  humour  angst  short-story  10-25k  inception  arthur/eames 
24 days ago by atomicduck
wldnst - jonquil in december
do i really not have this bookmarked? inconceivable. Arthur and Eames tell the story of how they met. Eventually, they tell the truth. With bonus Philippa and Cobblets and so many feelings. <3
Fanfic  Slash  Inception  Arthur/Eames  Unread  via:bookshop 
24 days ago by kalika89
Inception Anonymous Kink Meme - Prompt Post No. 11
Pre-movie. Cobb hires Eames for a job. Arthur and Eames know each other for years but they're acting like they meet for the first time, because it's something they almost always do (bonus points for Mal suspecting something).

But then the job went really really wrong, they are in a real deep shit, and Cobb is blaming Eames, pointing a gun at him.

And there's Arthur with his Glock pointed at Cobb's head, asking him to put the gun down right the fuck now.

And? // fabulous long plotty kink meme fill from 2011 featuring Cobb and Arthur on a job meeting with a very sketchy Eames, or so Cobb thinks. The dynamics between all three of them here are fabulous, and Arthur's characterization and Cobb's POV are especially deft and considered. Competent, sympathetic, wryly humorous yet obviously still desperate Cobb is a rare treat. I'm so pleased I stumbled across this tucked-away gem.
Fanfic  Slash  Inception  Arthur/Eames  Unread  via:bookshop 
24 days ago by kalika89

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