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UnDays - Chapter 6 - RurouniHime - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur runs a hand down Eames’ chest, lingering over each whorl of ink. “You want me to fuck you?” He has to know for sure before he does anything. It’s what he wants.
arthur/eames  nc-17  bottom!eames  fandom:inception  fanfic  fanfic:inception 
4 days ago by annejumps
slowly, we unfurl - defcontwo - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"You had it submitted to the Iowa State Registry, Eames. Even if there was no ceremony, we might as well be married. Did you lose your fucking mind?" Arthur's voice goes slightly hysterical and squeaky towards the end and the pain in Eames's jaw is almost worth the rare chance to see Arthur completely lose his cool.

Eames smiles in what he hopes is a winning manner and then winces because fucking hell, Arthur really does have a great right hook. "I might have done, yeah."

"Can I ask why, out of all of the states, you chose Iowa?"

Throwing all notions of self-preservation out of the window, Eames says, "I know you like Star Trek."

Arthur's face goes through a variety of expressions before settling once again upon murderous. "We are never going to speak of this again."
rating:pg-13  arthur/eames  fandom:inception 
5 days ago by prettyasadiagram
My Atelier - Fic: Deflowerer
"Arthur stares up at the ceiling with him. 'You really wanted to lose your virginity to me after our first date?'"
arthur/eames  bottom!eames  nc-17  fandom:inception  fanfic  fanfic:inception 
6 days ago by annejumps
Towards Zero - mirabellafic
Five levels down, and five to dig yourself back out. Arthur met Eames' projection long before he met Eames.
Arthur/Eames  Inception  Fic  Dreamwidth 
9 days ago by quafflespell
The University AU
He looks over his shoulder at Eames, who is rolled over onto his side, broad back to Arthur. Even with just the hall light coming in under the door, Arthur can see the dark shadow of tattoos on Eames's shoulder.
arthur/eames  au  unread  school!fic  inception 
10 days ago by bathsweaver
It's Automatic by weatherfront
I sat for hours going, "Okay, I have to pick one fic by weatherfront because if I don't I will end up writing 5000 words about multiple pieces of fanfic and nothing else will get done." This is the first fic by weatherfront I ever read, and in one of my private bookmarks I've given it six hearts in a row. The relationship between Arthur and Eames here is wonderfully done, heart-wrenching and surprising by turns, but really looking back on this fic my favorite part about it is the scope of the world that's been built: a truly international world, where Arthur and Eames are international criminals. It's a difficult trick to make a story feel so emotionally intimate on a personal level but so expansive on a worldbuilding level, which makes the spaces, both physical and emotional, between the characters all more arresting. I still love this story as much as I ever did, it's just different with time and distance. Funny how time changes how you see a thing and changes your perspective.
fanfiction  inception  arthur/eames   
13 days ago by renay
In Duty Homeward Shall We Fly by toomuchplor
Sometimes a story comes out of nowhere and sideswipes you. I watched 3rd Rock from the Sun because my friends were into it. We were sporadic about it, but it was always easy to follow along even if you missed a few episodes, which made it perfect for us. I didn't know I needed a story where Arthur was secretly Tommy Solomon, but I did and this is it. When I saw the title in my bookmarks I was overjoyed because I had forgotten about it, and seeing it reminded me of how much I teared up at the end of this fic and how the characterization of Dick made me laugh out loud. This is one of those fics I would give someone (as long as they were familiar with both canons) to explain just how neat fanwork can be.
fanfiction  inception  arthur/eames   
13 days ago by renay
Anal [Inception] aka Not Now Cobb We're Doing BGs by cthonical
Listen, I have never played World of Warcraft. I am clueless. The nearest I got to anything like this was Maplestory. But this story still cracks me up and warms my heart even if I barely understand what the hell is going on. Everything about this is adorable and perfect. Eames gets Arthur a fawn and in game speak I don't know what that means or why it matters but he gets him a cute woodland creature, and that cancels my ability to cope with how cute it is. When I need to cheer up I sometimes go back to this story, because I cannot resist the siren call of getting to know someone you know without knowing you already know them. It's my revelation kink again. That sucker is everywhere. Also: chat flirting. My CHILDHOOD.
fanfiction  inception  arthur/eames   
13 days ago by renay
Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name by eleveninches
Renay is not my real name.

Okay, it is, sort of. It's my middle name, deliberately misspelled so I could hide from my college R.A. who was monitoring my activity on the Internet due to specious claims of harassment from my then college roommate who was a complete paranoid nightmare who was afraid of the internet. This is not the first time I flipped names: I went by my first name until I was 11, then started going by my middle name. It only took me until I was graduating for the popular kids who hated me to call me by my preferred name. So, unsurprisingly I have a thing, a soft spot, an attraction, for stories about names and pseudonyms and the trust involved in sharing them. This is a delightful little story about lust and trust and taking a risk in order to get the affection on the other side of the attraction. And plus, it's by [ profile] eleveninches, so it's also hilarious at surprising moments. She always succeeds at telling stories that make you happy and then proceeds to make you laugh for EXTRA GREAT FEELINGS.
fanfiction  inception  arthur/eames   
13 days ago by renay
take the long way home (soft as the radio) by gyzym
This is part of a larger series of stories about Arthur and Eames, and although I like that series, this story in particular is my favorite. This isn't the first time I've gone back to it since it was published, either, because it's a story generous with emotion, which is how I read Ariadne's character in the film: curious, invested in the feelings and emotions of those around her. Although I do like the idea of Ariadne and Yusuf, that's not the driving force behind my love of what happens in this story. I just love the gentle way Ariadne starts discovering the world by looking through her camera, and then finally starts understanding her world by really looking at the pictures she's taken and what they're telling her. ♥
fanfiction  inception  arthur/eames   
13 days ago by renay
saucy_kate: Rules of Endearment
Summary: As Eames' use of pet names escalates, so does Arthur's attraction to him.

Notes: written for this prompt at inception_kink: Arthur has stopped complaining about and now actually responding to Eames' various pet names for him. Eames finds this endlessly amusing (and also a little sexy).
Arthur/Eames  Inception  Fic  Livejournal 
14 days ago by quafflespell
Triptych - mayachain
The first time it happens, all Eames wants is to soak in a hot tub or die.
Arthur/Eames  Inception  PreSlash  Fic 
14 days ago by quafflespell
Don't Stop Believin' - Anonymous - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"A nightmare brings Arthur and Eames together.." Deliberate badfic inspired by FFA.
arthur/eames  humor 
16 days ago by annejumps
So Deal With It - PenPistola - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"Ariadne accidentally walks in on Arthur and Eames, and Arthur devilishly plays up the situation for all it's worth."
arthur/eames  nc-17  kink:exhibitionism  fandom:inception  fanfic  fanfic:inception 
17 days ago by annejumps
The Last Word - PenPistola - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"Arthur is tired of being second fiddle and decides to assert his dominance where he knows he'll win—in the bedroom."
arthur/eames  kink:d/s  bottom!eames  nc-17  fandom:inception  fanfic  fanfic:inception 
17 days ago by annejumps

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