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The Truth Serum - AuraWhiteFox - Inception (2010), 3rd Rock from the Sun [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Arthur hadn't expected to be dosed with a truth serum on a routine extraction, but that's what happened. Now Eames, Ariadne and Arthur have to deal with all of Arthur's little secrets, namely the one about him being an alien.
Just another day in the office, not.
3rdRockFromtheSun  Inception  crossover  rec  slash  Arthur/Eames 
5 days ago by SnarlyKahluah
Show Me the Way Home
“Let me guess,” Eames says, no longer surprised when Arthur appears unannounced at his door. “You couldn't bear to stay away from my sofa for one more day.”

In which Arthur develops a relationship with Eames' sofa and eventually with Eames himself.
arthur/eames  angst  break-up  soinlove  awesome 
7 days ago by kayceecruz
our doubts are traitors
"Eames loves Arthur. And he knows Arthur loves him. He isn't sure it's enough."

A story in which Eames has three important conversations, none of them with Arthur. He really ought to be having them with Arthur.
arthur/eames  establishedrelationship  angst  misunderstandings 
9 days ago by kayceecruz
The Cat and The Fiddle
Nellie - Eames/Arthur, E, catboy --- 10,270

When an experiment goes awry Arthur ends up with ears, tail, and a few other inconvenient feline traits.
ao3  arthur/eames  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★ 
11 days ago by we.are.golden
Merlin is starting a promising career as a costume designer and doesn't need action hero Arthur mucking it up.
au  merlin  arthur/eames  unread 
13 days ago by bathsweaver
Seven Ways of Going
From the creator:
Summary: Arthur likes to find his inspiration in other people's dreams. Mal holds the secrets of a princess in a tower. Eames wants to cross the bridge and burn it behind him. And Saito's most popular author can't (or won't) finish her greatest work ...

My notes: I liked this a lot.
fandom:inception  arthur/eames  dom/mal  creator:gloriamundi  length:30-50k  location:ao3  au  au:magical.realism  firsttime  com:inception.big.bang 
15 days ago by concinnity
five_ht: Fic: Things Are Gonna Slide (2/2)
When Eames steps away, Arthur feels loose-limbed and calm, still amazed at how easily Eames can pull the tension straight from his bones with a few touches. He knows they'll pull this job off, for the same reason he knows that he won't hesitate when Eames tightens the collar around his neck tonight. Eames has his back, he always did. It's never been a question.
Arthur/Eames  D/s  author:five_ht  NC-17  Good 
16 days ago by yoarashi
That One Time in Amsterdam
Ariadne watches Arthur and Eames. There is something there in the way they watch each other, in the way the lines of Arthur's back tense beneath his pinstriped suit when Eames flicks him, but she doesn’t know what she’s looking for.
arthur/eames  inception  unread  ringfic 
18 days ago by bathsweaver
Wherever You Will Be (That's Where I'll Call Home)
People you kiss in an airport baggage claim and then don't talk to for thirteen months shouldn't be able to exist, let alone make your chest do the things Arthur's chest is doing. There are rules.
arthur/eames  unread  inception 
18 days ago by bathsweaver
Can't Get Enough of You (Baby) - Renay - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames vanishes from dreamshare and Arthur goes a little crazy looking for him until he stumbles across him -- with a baby.
zz.renay  arthur/eames  inception 
18 days ago by evadnefenn
My Atelier - Fic: Three is a Goodly Number
"'Have you ever thought about a threesome?' Eames asks one day while Arthur is examining a loose button on his coat."
kink:dreamsex  kink:spitroast  nc-17  arthur/eames  arthur/eames/fischer  fandom:inception  fanfic  fanfic:inception  fanfiction  kink:threesome 
20 days ago by annejumps
my kind's your kind
“This isn’t something we do, Eames. It’s something we are.” Magical realism, soulbonding, d/s fusion.
arthur/eames  inception  fic  r  au 
22 days ago by madeofglass
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - laceymcbain
It's entirely possible Eames' traitorous heart has waited until precisely this kind of moment to blindside him. Arthur—beautiful, competent, untouchable Arthur—seems human and vulnerable stretched out on Eames' sofa beneath his grandmother's afghan, and Eames experiences a rush of feeling for Arthur so strong it stops him in his trainers. He fully expects to find skid marks when he looks down.

Arthur and Eames have always had an arrangement of sorts: Eames goes to Arthur when he's in trouble, and Arthur doesn't get in trouble. But when Arthur starts turning up at Eames' door with mysterious injuries everything changes.
Arthur/Eames  Inception  Fic 
24 days ago by quafflespell
Show Me the Way Home - laceymcbain
“Let me guess,” Eames says, no longer surprised when Arthur appears unannounced at his door. “You couldn't bear to stay away from my sofa for one more day.”

In which Arthur develops a relationship with Eames' sofa and eventually with Eames himself.
Arthur/Eames  Inception  Fic 
24 days ago by quafflespell
This just might hurt a little
You'll never know what you're missing till you try.
Inception  Arthur  Eames  Dom/sub  Jealousy  Arthur/Eames  Explicit 
26 days ago by Everdeen
Elle - traveller - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"Her name is Elle. She speaks French with a Russian accent, she smokes Sobranies and cheats at cards. Her clothes are always a little too big. Her breasts are heavy, pale and perfect."
het  arthur/eames  genderswap  nc-17  fandom:inception  fanfic  fanfic:inception  fanfiction 
26 days ago by annejumps
I'll Keep The Heart by Ciircee
Arthur can shut Eames down without a second thought. Eames likes it when he does.
Arthur/Eames  Inception  t:cyborgs  sci-fi  AU  t:dysfunctional_relationship  l:1000-5000  PG-13  T 
27 days ago by missmaverick
A Soul Awake
Pre-movie: With mega-corp SomniCore attempting to regulate the world of dreaming, the Cobbs, still under the corporation's yoke, seek the help of a rogue, freelance forger to shake things up. Eames is the best there is; they know because their point man, Arthur, has tracked him for years. The point man and the forger put aside their years of quiet rivalry to work for a common cause: free the world of dreaming from the fist of the corporation, and protect the Cobbs.
inception  arthur/eames  unread  au 
28 days ago by bathsweaver

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