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sophia_sol - If Love Is What You're After
He likes Ariadne because she's intelligent and imaginative and knows how to put that to damn good use. He likes Yusuf because he's willing to do whatever it takes to get something done right, and clever enough that "whatever it takes" is never unreasonable. He likes Eames because he is able to casually complete challenging tasks without seeming to need to think about it.

Well. He likes Eames because of his smile, because of his easy banter, because of the way he calls him "darling" in unguarded moments. He likes Eames because he's Eames.

He's never been any good at this, this business of liking people. He can be friendly, no problem. But anything deeper... Arthur can't. Words, actions, anything; that kiss with Ariadne was only safe because it was meaningless.

Eames will never be safe.
inception  arthur/eames  sophia_sol  postcanon  pining  misunderstanding  emotionallystunted  wc:1000-5000 
6 days ago by silentfire
for reconciliation, for catharsis by ceserabeau
"Beacon Hills is just as Arthur remembers, cold and unwelcoming in the dark of the winter’s evening. He drives through it slowly, following old routes he only half remembers: past the grocery store he worked in during high school, the dentists where he had his braces taken off, the cemetery where his mom was buried many years ago. All these places, they leave a bitter taste in his mouth."
fandom:inception  fandom:teenwolf  crossover  inception:AU  teenwolf:au  genfic  arthur/eames  derek/stiles  recommended 
10 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
Untitled, redux by Helenish
3,000 words | Arthur, extraordinarily capable by any standard, is not exactly built for certain types of subterfuge.
arthur/eames  pretend.relationship  00-05K.words  kink  pornlet  *3 
12 days ago by jerakeen
Cosmic Sandwich by Tabi_essentially
7,750 words | Based on this prompt, in which "A compound accidentally gets Arthur really, really, really high, and he's hilarious.

Pre-slash or established, h/c or crack, anything!"

So it's a little bit cracky, but also a tad angsty.
arthur/eames  drunk-high  05-10K.words  *2 
12 days ago by jerakeen
je ne veux pas travailler by syllic
15,850 words | Arthur figures if Eames just finally gets what he wants--Arthur's undivided attention--he'll get bored and go away. He's proven spectacularly wrong.
arthur/eames  10-20K.words  *2 
14 days ago by jerakeen
If You Like Making Love At Midnight by sarahyyy
3,800 words | Eames calls him darling. He writes his phone number on Arthur's coffee cup every morning. He asks Arthur out every other day. He has been sending Arthur so many saucy winks his eyes hurt. How the ever-loving fuck can Arthur not know that Eames is interested?
arthur/eames  alternate.universe  food.service  pining  00-05K.words  *2 
14 days ago by jerakeen
Affection too Shy to Convey by sarahyyy
2,230 words | "I know what they are," Arthur says, staring at the dog tags in Eames' hand. "Why are you giving them to me?"

Or, the one where Arthur is the last person to realize that he's in a relationship with Eames, freaks out over it, and makes flowcharts.

// How did I miss this. It's so perfect.
arthur/eames  marriage-commitment  00-05K.words  *4 
14 days ago by jerakeen
Antimony by jibrailis
54,000 words | Dreamshare goes legal, Arthur goes corporate, Eames goes and (against his better judgement) falls in love.
arthur/eames  fuck.buddies  50-80K.words  +  *4 
15 days ago by jerakeen
That coffeshop AU
Arthur's a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.
15 days ago by Kylie
Breaking and Entering by Resonant
8,600 words | Eames is very good at pretending.
arthur/eames  05-10K.words  + 
16 days ago by jerakeen
Prompt Post No. 5 - Inception Anonymous Kink Meme
The reason Arthur wears high collared shirts is because there's a black leather collar underneath that shows he belongs to Eames.
@kink_meme  inception  arthur/eames  d/s  kink:collars 
22 days ago by nikkitikkitavi
Thinking Ahead by anon
It just isn’t Arthur’s day.

He walks into the warehouse late, his shoes squishing wetly with each step he takes across the concrete floor. He finds Dom, Ariadne, and Eames reclined on plastic folding chairs, Yusuf standing beside the PASIV device, finger poised ready to send them into a dream.

“You’re late to the party,” Eames tells him, his lips quirking upwards as he speaks.

Arthur ignores him and shrugs out of his soaked jacket, peeling it down his arms before tossing it over the back of a free chair.

Meeting Dom’s eyes he says, “A pipe burst in my apartment; it’s flooded out.”
arthur/eames  @kink_meme  inception 
22 days ago by nikkitikkitavi
never so safe as i am with you by linckia-blue
Arthur has better subconscious security than anyone in the world. It’s notoriously impossible to steal a secret from him. Unless, of course, you’re Eames.
arthur/eames  inception  @lj  wc:5000-10.000 
22 days ago by nikkitikkitavi
010. the understood boundaries of self by strzyga
written for this thread at the inception kink meme; paraphrased, the team takes on a job whose mark is into the BDSM lifestyle. they go under with Eames as Arthur's sub, because Arthur is, in real life, a dom.
arthur/eames  inception  d/s  @lj  wc:10.000-15.000 
22 days ago by nikkitikkitavi

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