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scribblscrabbl: saveur [arthur/eames]
(14,558 words) The pleasures of the table, and of life, are infinite - Julia Child.
arthur/eames  fic  inception 
2 days ago by mariannoodle
Last Night on Earth
13,960 words | Eames is on the run for his life, and if this is really it, if his number really is about to be up, there's one thing left on his to-do list: Arthur.
arthur/eames  angst  great  author:kedgeree  10-20 
6 days ago by gekko11
Last Night on Earth by kedgeree
13,960 words | Eames is on the run for his life, and if this is really it, if his number really is about to be up, there's one thing left on his to-do list: Arthur.

// Desperate and romantic
arthur/eames  10-20K.words  + 
6 days ago by jerakeen
Man overboard by bauble
"Look like a motherfucking tourist, Arthur thinks as he takes inane photos of the Pacific Ocean. Look like a motherfucking tourist having the best goddamn time of his life."
fandom:inception  author:bauble  inception:AU  arthur/eames  nc-17 
8 days ago by Laria_Gwyn
toomuchplor: The Sweetest Downfall
Eames had long since thought of Arthur’s hair as permanently gelled into obedience. He’d had no earthly idea how – how wanton it could be, curving and wet at the tips and softening Arthur’s whole face, taking easily ten years off Arthur’s usually ambiguously adult appearance.

I remember I avoided this story for a while when it was first posted, thinking from the summary that it was going to be one of those fics that reduced the pairing to oversimplified fanon kinks -- but really, it does the opposite of that in the end. Excellent and hot.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  smut  <10K  +2012-07 
10 days ago by spatz
dipenates: You Let Your Ladder Down For Those Who Really Shine
In which Arthur used to be Neil McCormick. You don't actually need to know Mysterious Skin to read this - it's a backstory written mostly in negative space, by way of the things Arthur doesn't talk about or do as he and Eames slowly negotiate a relationship. Delicately rendered and lovely.
fic  crossover  inception  mysteriousskin  slash  arthur/eames  noncon  trustissues  prostitution  <5K  2015-06 
10 days ago by spatz
sparkledark: Late Night Phone Call
Eames is a difficult caller right from the start, from that very first night.

"I can't sleep," he growls at Arthur, sounding angry and vaguely accusatory and like he's just inhaled three packs of Marlboro Reds.
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  au  normallife  *comfortread  <15K  +2012-04 
10 days ago by spatz
Rec: Inception: I bet Nureyev never had to deal with this shit. by EmilianaDarling
Summary: Modern-day AU. Arthur is a ballet dancer recovering from a serious injury, and is lucky enough to land the role of Oberon in Dom Cobb's reimagining of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Rec Snippet: "This podfic hit me right in the feels. It brought alive the characters that I loved so much when Inception was my number one fandom... EmilianaDarling has the character voices down pat, and her delivery perfectly fits the humor of the story. "
inception  arthur/eames  teen_and_up  02:00:00-02:30:00  podfic  anotherslashfan_reccer  emilianadarling_performer 
10 days ago by podfic_love
vodka - You Set Me On Fire (Moustache Ride)
Eames is a master at getting under his skin, getting him to play games he doesn’t want to play.

But Eames just leans closer, watching Arthur intently as he covers the hand on his thigh with his own, gently pushing it until Arthur’s limply cupping his cock, half-hard through his trousers.

Arthur can’t really figure out who’s won at this point, but he doesn’t give a fuck because he’s got his hand on Eames’ cock while he shoves his tongue past those thick lips and down Eames’ fucking throat.

Eames moans into the kiss, an almost startled rumbling noise, and it’s then that Arthur decides he’s won.
inception  arthur/eames  vodka  wc:5000-10000  postcanon  undertheinfluence  saveme 
11 days ago by silentfire
gollumgollum - Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
"Do you think he's hiding things from you?" she asks.

"No." His response is immediate. He thinks of Eames sprawled across the couch watching cartoons and Doctor Who and the Daily Show, feeding him cake and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, racing him to the coffeeshop in the mornings and mussing up his hair at night. "But this is Eames. I don't think he always knows what he hides from himself." It's this fear that had made Arthur keep himself apart, that had kept him from falling into bed with Eames until they were both drunk and he had nothing to lose.

Ariadne shrugs. "That may be. But he's pretty consistent, when you think about it. I mean, I haven't known him for years and years like you have, so I might be wrong. But as much as he can be facetious about things, he strikes me as very serious when he wants to be."

"No, that's true," Arthur allows. He shrugs. "This is the first job we've worked together since..." He waves a hand to indicate whatever-it-is that he and Eames are doing; they haven't really come up with a name for it yet. "I guess I just don't know what to expect." He certainly hadn't expected to get upset about Eames deciding to forge the client's wife.

"Just take it as it comes," Ariadne says. "It's not like we're doing anything crazy here, and it's just the three of us."

It strikes Arthur, then, that everyone in his life is being more rational and mature than he is.
postcanon  futurefic  inception  arthur/eames  gollumgollum  schmoop  ariadne  wc:5000-10000  h/c 
12 days ago by silentfire
the_ragnarok: Allowed
Eames stares at the numbers. "It does smell good. And it seems so popular. There must be something to it. I keep thinking, maybe this time." He sighs with much more melodrama than is warranted.

The one with ace!Eames. Really lovely. (also *glee* I had only read this on the kinkmeme before but apparently there's a 33K sequel!!! The side benefits of finally bookmarking old fic, I guess)(ETA: the sequel is good right up until the end, which is emotionally satisfying but otherwise a hot mess)
fic  inception  slash  arthur/eames  smut  <10K  +2011-01 
13 days ago by spatz
Phone Tag
Starlingthefool - Eames/Arthur, T --- 3,170

For this prompt on the Inception kink meme: Due to his dyslexia, Eames has memorized tons and tons of literature. He listens to books on tape on his iPod all the time. Arthur has shitty taste in everything (except suits) and listens to, like, radio-friendly rock while Eames is chillaxing with Anna Karenina on long aeroplane journeys.

Because Arthur is efficient and thinks he is being considerate, he records voicemails for Eames instead of emailing him like everyone else. Except when he's talking he tends to give asides along with the official stuff, and Eames replies to him via voicemail, and so develops a kind of AUDIO-THEMED EPISTOLARY ROMANCE ACROSS THE GLOBE.
ao3  inception  arthur/eames  *t  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  ;♥♥  epistolary 
14 days ago by we.are.golden
five_ht - Catalyst
"I can smell it on you," Eames murmurs, still holding Arthur's chin, searching his eyes. "You can't smell that? You can't feel it?"

Arthur's fingers curl around Eames' biceps and his stomach does a flip at their size. "All I can smell is you."

Eames licks his lips and Arthur follows the motion, hungry all of a sudden and wishing Eames would -- what? Lift him up, spread him out on the bar, hold him down and--

"You're going into heat, sweetheart."
inception  arthur/eames  au:alpha/beta/omega  five_ht  wc:1000-5000 
18 days ago by silentfire
cobweb_diamond: I bet nureyev never had to deal with this shit [arthur/eames]
(21,409 words) Modern-day AU. Arthur is a ballet dancer recovering from a serious injury, and is lucky enough to land the role of Oberon in Dom Cobb's reimagining of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
arthur/eames  toread  fic  inception 
18 days ago by mariannoodle
Under the Skin
8,870 words | When Arthur gets curious about something, he gets downright obsessed…especially if that something has to do with sex, dream-share, and Eames.
arthur/eames  established-relationship  genderfuck  author:sofia_gigante  05-10 
20 days ago by gekko11
Seaweed Song - VIII_XIII - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"Eames moves to a tropical island. Arthur is afraid of the ocean."
arthur/eames  bottom!eames  nc-17 
23 days ago by annejumps

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