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iART: Ein interaktives Analyse- und Retrieval-Tool zur Unterstützung von bildorientierten Forschungsprozessen
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2 days ago by kintopp
Teaching queer art history: If you’re keen to introduce queer to students, via topics such as ‘art and…
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18 days ago by mildlydiverting
To Boost Audience Engagement, the Delaware Museum of Art Tries Something Radically Simple: Post-Its
It's all part of a method called "prototyping," and comes as part of a strategy to reconsider the kinds of stories the museum tells.
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5 weeks ago by droitcour
LET’S GO, LESBIANS - Artforum International
Heterosexual feminists alleged that lesbians were imitating male chauvinism and using the movement as a louche excuse to pick up chicks; the lesbians shot back that heterosexual feminism was plainly a contradiction in terms. (No one liked the bisexuals.)
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6 weeks ago by mildlydiverting
Online Publishing Prize
ARIAH is offering a new award that contributes funding to the development of digital publications. This award is aimed at scholars seeking to take advantage of new possibilities offered by digital publishing platforms for presenting art historical research. via Pocket
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8 weeks ago by kintopp
Fehlstellen im Annotation Space – Überlegungen zu Tom Cranes Vision einer IIIF-basierten Wissensvernetzung – Werkstatt Wissensrepräsentation
Die digitale Vernetzung wissenschaftlicher Informationen ist ein Thema, das aus gebührendem Abstand betrachtet – etwa von den Zuhörerbänken einschlägiger Tagungen – begeistern kann: Hören wir auf, unsere Daten und Ressourcen in Silos gegeneinander abzuschotten! Machen wir Wissen allgemein via Pocket
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9 weeks ago by kintopp
Digital Art History Austria (Vienna 4-5 Jul 19) - Netzwerk für Kunstgeschichte / Archiv
The Forum: Digital Art History Austria is part of the 4th Art + Science Conference on Empirical Methods in Art History and Visual Studies. via Pocket
arthistory  austria  cfp  conference 
10 weeks ago by kintopp
White at the Museum | April 3, 2019 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS | Full Frontal on TBS - YouTube
"White statues have long been a tool for white supremacists to claim historical superiority but as with all things, the white supremacists are wrong. The Lucas Brothers went to The Met to see it all in color. Produced by Tyler Hall and Halcyon Person with Ishan Thakore. Edited by Jesse Coane."

[See also:
"The Myth of Whiteness in Classical Sculpture: Greek and Roman statues were often painted, but assumptions about race and aesthetics have suppressed this truth. Now scholars are making a color correction."

"Why We Need to Start Seeing the Classical World in Color: The equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe; it’s a dangerous construct that continues to influence white supremacist ideas today." ]
whiteness  greeks  ancientgreek  romans  ancientrome  racism  whitesupremacy  lucasbrothers  2019  samanthabee  museums  sculpture  arthistory  history  themet 
april 2019 by robertogreco
Our goal in this paper is to discover near duplicate patterns in large collections of artworks. This is harder than standard instance mining due to differences in the artistic media (oil, pastel, drawing, etc), and imperfections inherent in the copying process. via Pocket
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march 2019 by kintopp
Wikidata x ConedaKOR: Ein Anwendungsbeispiel für den Bereich Digitale Kunstgeschichte – FactGrid
in diesem Blog Wikidata erklären zu wollen, würde wahrlich Q1373747 bedeuten. Daher will ich mich hier zu Beginn auf die Punkte beschränken, die mir entscheidend für die Beschäftigung mit Wikidata am Deutschen Forum für Kunstgeschichte Paris (DFK Paris) erscheinen. via Pocket
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march 2019 by kintopp

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