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faQy: mirkwood
REC: I love the storybook feel of this work and the warm, earthy colours. It would be so cool to have The Hobbit with illustrations in this style. (2017-01-22)
INFO: Coloured art of Bilbo and Thorin & Co. in Mirkwood.
artist:faqy  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:pens  beings:hobbits  beings:dwarves  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Mirkwood  !meta:rec:art  posted:2011-06  recced:2017-01 
january 2017 by turlough
s-u-w-i: in the forest
REC: This is such a cool work. I love the intricate linework and subtle colouring. It's one of my favourite portrayals of Treebeard. (2016-12-18)
INFO: Treebeard with Merry & Pippin.
artist:s-u-w-i  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:watercolours  art:technique:pens  beings:hobbits  beings:Treebeard  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Fangorn  !meta:rec:art  posted:2012-11  recced:2016-12 
january 2017 by turlough
AncaXBre: Galadriel's song
REC: I love the style of this artist with its intricacy and mix of figurative and non-figurative elements. I particularly love the autumnal colour palette in this work and the look on Galadriel's face. (2016-11-21)
INFO: Coloured art of Galadriel.
(also at )
artist:ancaxbre  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:pens  beings:elves  geography:myth:Middle-Earth:Lorien  !meta:rec:art  posted:2014-05  recced:2016-11 
january 2017 by turlough
eaneli: wild river
REC: I love the clarity and cleanness of this work and the way it evokes more than actually depicts the Fellowship in their little boats. (2016-10-17)
INFO: Monochrome art of the Fellowship boating down Anduin.
artist:eaneli  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:pens  beings:hobbits  beings:elves  beings:dwarves  geography:myth:Middle-Earth  !meta:rec:art  posted:2009-08  recced:2016-10 
november 2016 by turlough
goraakkaya: Yavanna and Laurelin
REC: This is such a wonderfully dynamic work. I love the way the growing power of Yavanna seems to rush outward in all directions and how she herself becomes part of what she's creating. Breathtaking! (2016-08-11)
INFO: Coloured art of Yavanna creating Laurelin.
artist:goraakkaya  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:pens  beings:valar  things:the.Two.Trees  geography:myth:Valinor  !meta:rec:art  posted:2011-10  recced:2016-08 
september 2016 by turlough
AlixPaugam: The Doctor and Sarah Jane
REC: I love how relaxed and spontaneous this work feels. Such a fun moment for Sarah Jane and the Doctor. (2016-06-03)
INFO: Coloured art of Sarah Jane Smith and the Third Doctor.
(also at )
artist:alixpaugam  fandom:Doctor.Who  art:technique:pens  companion:Sarah.Jane.Smith  doctor:3rd  relationship:friendship  !meta:rec:art  posted:2015-10  recced:2016-06 
september 2016 by turlough
ullakko: Yavanna
REC: I love the way this work manages to convey the sheer force and vitality I've always associated with Yavanna. And also how perfectly it illustrates this quotation from The Silmarillion: "Some there are who have seen her standing like a tree under heaven, crowned with the Sun; and from all its branches there spilled a golden dew upon the barren earth, and it grew green with corn; but the roots of the tree were in the waters of Ulmo, and the winds of Manwë spoke in its leaves." (2016-05-03)
INFO: Coloured art of Yavanna
(also at )
artist:ullakko  fandom:Tolkien  art:technique:pens  art:technique:inks  !meta:rec:art  posted:2012-02  recced:2016-05  beings:valar 
september 2016 by turlough
JohannesVIII: The Third Doctor's era in a nutshell
REC: A fun little comic that spotlights one aspect of the relationship between the Third Doctor and the Brigadier to perfection. (2016-02-24)
INFO: Coloured comic of the Third Doctor and the Brigadier.
artist:johannesviii  fandom:Doctor.Who  art:technique:watercolours  art:technique:pens  art:content:comic  doctor:3rd  companion:Brigadier.Lethbridge-Stewart  !meta:rec:art  posted:2015-07  recced:2016-02 
april 2016 by turlough
Rhedrin: Trail through the stars
REC: This is such a lovely work. The background starscape with its lovely colouring adds a touch of grandeur to the whimsical subject. And everything about it is beautifully crafted and put together - be sure to follow the Other Views links, they show you the different layers and composition more clearly. (2016-02-06)
INFO: Coloured art of the TARDIS and the Fourth Doctor's scarf.
artist:rhedrin  fandom:Doctor.Who  art:technique:pens  art:technique:paper.craft  doctor:4th  things:Tardis  !meta:rec:art  posted:2015-04  recced:2016-02 
april 2016 by turlough
Loneanimator: Rockin the Recorder
REC: This is such a fun work. I love the idea of the Second Doctor being able to make even the most dangerous foe dance happily to his recorder. And the artist has really made all of them look like they're enjoying themselves. Even the Dalek! (2016-02-03)
INFO: Coloured art of the Second Doctor with a Yeti, a Cyberman, and a Dalek.
artist:loneanimator  fandom:Doctor.Who  art:technique:pens  beings:daleks  beings:cybermen  beings:yetis  doctor:2nd  !meta:rec:art  posted:2015-03  recced:2016-02 
april 2016 by turlough

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