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Bryan Stevenson on Memorializing Our Country's Shameful History - On The Media - WNYC
Bryan Stevenson, director of the Equal Justice Initiative, has plans. His legal rights group has been documenting the stories of over 4,000 victims of lynching in the South from 1877 to 1950, and has also been putting up markers at lynching sites since 2013. Next year, EJI is opening a museum and a memorial in Montgomery, Alabama to commemorate victims of lynching and chronicle the continuum of racism from slavery to mass incarceration.
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Ocean Vuong on being generous in your work
Ocean Vuong is an American poet and essayist based in New York City. Even though his most recent book, 2016’s Night Sky with Exit Wounds, was a collection of poems, Vuong is now engaged in the task of writing what he calls “the ghost of a novel.” His work is predicated on the notion that both reading and writing are acts that require generosity and a willingness to explore.
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An incurable disease | The Economist
"In some sectors of the economy, however, such productivity gains are much harder to come by—if not impossible. Performing a Mozart quartet takes just as long in 2012 as it did in the late 18th century. Mr Baumol calls industries in which productivity growth is low or even non-existent “stagnant”."
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