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Linux Mint 19.1: A sneaky popular distro skips upheaval, offers small upgrades | Ars Technica
Anecdotally, Mint feels like one of Linux's most popular distros—updates like 19.1 show why.
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24 days ago by robward
New hospital price lists are massive spreadsheets full of gibberish | Ars Technica
“At Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, an ‘HC BYP FEM-ANT TIBL PST TIBL PRONEAL ART/OTH DSTL’ will run you $35,014.00. If you go to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, an ‘HC ECMO/ECLS INIT VENO-VENOUS’ costs $51,384.00. And at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City, a ‘TRLUML PERIP ATHRC ILIAC ART’ goes for $22,689.83.

“These mysterious prices—and tens of thousands of others—are all on the hospitals’ respective new price lists, available in beastly spreadsheets downloadable from the hospitals’ websites. As of January 1, hospitals around the country are now federally required to list all standard charges for common treatments and care. The goal is to make hospital billing more transparent, allowing patients to comparison shop and anticipate medical expenses.”
healthcare  hospitals  prices  costs  arstechnica  2019 
5 weeks ago by handcoding
Software patents poised to make a comeback under new patent office rules | Ars Technica
The federal circuit has effectively interpreted one line in Alice as meaning that it doesn't REALLY overturn software patents and they can bring them back.
law  patent  ip-law  ArsTechnica  via:ArsTechnica 
5 weeks ago by mcherm
A medieval woman’s work left blue pigment on her teeth | Ars Technica
The skeleton reveals the hidden role of women in producing medieval manuscripts.
art  history  people  arstechnica 
6 weeks ago by robward

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