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Comcast disabled throttling system, proving data cap is just a money grab | Ars Technica
“Comcast has disabled a throttling system that it deployed in 2008 in order to slow down heavy Internet users.

“Comcast’s network is now strong enough that a congestion management system isn’t needed, the company says. The system has been ‘essentially inactive for more than a year,’ and is now disabled entirely.

“Yet the nation’s largest cable operator still imposes data caps and overage fees in 27 states, claiming that it limits the amount of data customers use each month ‘based on a principle of fairness.’”
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5 days ago by handcoding
How one man’s death led to the extinction of a butterfly population | Ars Technica
Caterpillars evolved to prefer a certain non-native plant. Cow grazing patterns changed and the plants disappeared. Caterpillars nearly died out.
science  evolution  via:ArsTechnica  ArsTechnica 
5 weeks ago by mcherm
Microsoft continues its quest to bring machine learning to every application | Ars Technica May 2018
We've been tracking Microsoft's work to bring its machine learning platform to more developers and more applications over the last several years. What started as narrowly focused, specialized services have grown into a wider range of features that are more capable and more flexible, while also being more approachable to developers who aren't experts in the field of machine learning.
ArsTechnica  Microsoft  ML 
5 weeks ago by pierredv

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