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On the arsonist’s trail: inside Australia’s worst bushfire catastrophe | Environment | The Guardian
One day in 2009, fires swept across Victoria, leaving 173 dead. It became known as Black Saturday. When it emerged that not all of these disasters were natural, local detectives sprang into action.
arson  crime  investigation  Australia  Guardian  2019 
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3 Black Churches Have Burned in 10 Days in a Single Louisiana Parish - The New York Times
Officials said that they had found “suspicious elements” in each case and that “there is clearly something happening in this community.”
racism  louisiana  violence  arson  crime 
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So is OK with you? Let's be clear...they were setting fires. They have…
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So is OK with you? Let's be clear...they were setting fires. They have…
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40 people displaced by [suspected arson] fire at 1745 W Touhy, which destroyed the building—how we can help the families
Rogerspark  fire  family  donation  nonprofit  help  apartment  arson  2018  q2  joemoore  support 
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