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H.R.3562 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): To amend title 38, United States Code, to authorize the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to furnish assistance for adaptations of residences of veterans in rehabilitation programs under chapter 31 of such title, and for
H.R.3562 To amend title 38, United States Code, to authorize the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to furnish assistance for adaptations of residences of veterans in rehabilitation programs under chapter 31 of such title, and for other purposes., sponsored by Rep. Jodey Arrington, became law on June 1st, 2018
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june 2018 by sunlightfoundation
Kara Swisher has lost. | PandoDaily
As Fortune’s Dan Primack points out, as part of Vox, Re/Code now has investors in common with “Square, Uber, Dropbox, Spotify, Instacart, Jawbone, Lookout, Flipkart, etc.” We can argue — and I do, obviously — that having investors in common with companies you cover, or even having investors you cover, is a conflict that can be managed with fierce reporting and clear disclosures. The best example I can offer is that Pando has investors in common with both Uber and Secret. Swisher and Mossberg have made clear they see things differently: Journalism will always suffer when there are investors in common. // &! &! &!
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- Startups - Sarah Lacy, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and CEO of PandoMedia -TWiST #329 - YouTube
Digg had leadership vaccum and Kevin Rose tend's to doubt himself (fear of failure, breaking Digg, breaking the lucky streak/breakout hit what he/they've had) 12:30 - Silicon Valleys Unicorn's personal press core distorts other 'moderate' success, and those are looked down on them and feel worse than failure, for people and entrepreneurs, running sustainable cash flow businesses with 5-10% m/m growth rate. << Symptom of a self-serving universe/culture/bubble.
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Kara Swisher: Tech's Most Powerful Snoop -- NYMag
During Arrington’s tenure at TechCrunch—through its acquisition by AOL and his eventual dismissal by Arianna Huffington in 2011 following the CrunchFund fiasco—Swisher was outspoken about Arrington’s “hopelessly corrupt” ways as well as his so-called process journalism—applying the iterative, throw-it-against-the-wall approach of software designers to reporting—which she deems “a fancy word for being willfully inaccurate.” Arrington and Swisher publicly traded insults, with Arrington dubbing Swisher “the chief whiner,” and Swisher responding, “Oooh, burn!” She called Arrington “Yertle the Turtle” and said that “being lectured in journalism ethics by Michael Arrington is like getting parenting tips from Britney Spears.”
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july 2014 by paulbradshaw
Kara Swisher: Tech's Most Powerful Snoop -- NYMag
“These people were very accessible,” Swisher recalls of a younger Bezos and his cohort, “and you met them before they were who they are now. When people get rich, people lick them up and down all day, so some of them morph into thinking that being licked up and down all day is their reality and that everything that comes out of their mouths are golden nuggets. Everyone starts to rewrite history, but if you knew them, and have some historical knowledge …” [ the Ass Hole effect - As people get richer, they are more likely to feel entitled, to exploit others, and to cheat. - ] / + / "“She’s one of these CEOs who likes to be lauded,” “Personally, I think she’s remarkable. She’s really accomplished and smart, but she’s not perfect, [as is everyone]"
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About that time Google spied on my Gmail >> Uncrunched
Michael Arrington:
As the Guardian points out, other email providers also reserve the right to do this [scanning of emails to protect their 'property'] in their terms of service.<p>

I have first hand knowledge of this. A few years ago, I’m nearly certain that Google accessed my Gmail account after I broke a major story about Google.<p>

A couple of weeks after the story broke my source, a Google employee, approached me at a party in person in a very inebriated state and said that they (I’m being gender neutral here) had been asked by Google if they were the source. The source denied it, but was then shown an email that proved that they were the source.

It's a very serious claim; we'll see how this develops.
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march 2014 by guardiantech
About Pando >> Uncrunched
Michael Arrington:
Some of you may have read Sarah Lacy's <a href="">post today</a> stating that I'm no longer on the board of Pando Daily.</p>
<p>This wasn't a complete surprise to me, the company notified me last week that they weren't happy that I and MG Siegler (my partner at CrunchFund) were <a href="">going to speak</a> at TechCrunch Disrupt this coming May.</p>
<p>Part of the reason that I'm speaking at Disrupt is that I have a contractual commitment to do so as part of my <a href="">break</a> with them last year, which Sarah knew about before our involvement in Pando. But MG and I are also speaking there because we still love TechCrunch. And we both speak at many other conferences as well.

Hints of trouble in paradise. (<a href="">Read this</a> if you need reminders on Techcrunch and Pandodaily.)
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april 2012 by guardiantech

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