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Till Death Does His Part - Trista_zevkia - Jeeves & Wooster [Archive of Our Own]
Tired of trying to find Bertie a wife, Aunt A uses a loophole in the marriage laws to get Bertie a groom.
She has no idea what she's done, letting Bertie know this was a possibility.
9k  jeeves/wooster  arranged-marriage 
7 weeks ago by katereis
The Arrangement - fio - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:voltron  pairing:keith/shiro  slash  arranged-marriage  misunderstandings 
11 weeks ago by as_lld_again
Promises, Promises - inhystereks - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek knows that the arranged marriage is in the best interest of both their countries. But he can't in good conscience marry someone he knows hates his guts (even though they've never met before). He sets out to convince his intended to marry him willingly.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  fantasy-au  royalty  arranged-marriage  pre-slash  cute 
12 weeks ago by mklutz
Vaster Than Empires - Ayezur
the AU one where kaoru is forced to marry kenshin and plans to murder him in his sleep but ends up falling in love with him because i mean it’s kenshin, like, who wouldn’t?

author desc:
Alternate Universe. The Western Army is defeated; the country stands, uneasy, under the hand of the Tokugawa. Kaoru Kamiya, whose family was on the losing side, has been sold into marriage for the sake of peace. Her new husband is a legend, a demon bound in human form, marked by his blood-lust and his bright red hair...
2013  length:100-250k  fandom:kenshin  pairing:kenshin/kaoru  category:m/f  arranged-marriage  fake-dating 
november 2018 by magalisays
Yuri!!! in Space - Fahye
space AU where there's tons of arranged marriages and all the rich elites do "ballasting" instead of ice skating. fahye comes thru as usual.

author desc:
"No, see, we've all been trained a certain way. The training system is traditional; it's centuries old. Nobody taught you. You ballist like it's got nothing to do with war at all." A sleepy, extraordinary smile crawls over Victor's face. "Nobody else does it like that. That's why we're going to win."

[fic & art collab with inknose]
fandom:yuri-on-ice  au  author:fahye  pairing:otabek/yuri  pairing:victor/yuuri  arranged-marriage  2017  length:15-50k  illustrated 
september 2018 by magalisays
The Course of Honour - Avoliot
the original work by avoliot <3 <3 <3 space prince arranged marriage feat. lost in the snow & there was only one bed!!!

author desc:
When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he's learned.
fandom:course-of-honour  author:avoliot  pairing:jainan/kiem  arranged-marriage  length:100-250k  category:m/m  2017  faves 
september 2018 by magalisays
space royalty arranged marriage AU, largely epistolary and extremely great.

author desc:
Prince S'chn T'gai Spock of Vulcan, engaged to Prince James Tiberius Kirk of Earth through an arrangement made by their parents many years ago, writes to his intended on the day of his birth in the interest of diplomacy. Jim is not interested in diplomacy. Though there is no precedent set for the commencement of a written correspondence begun due to these specific parameters, I will strive to maintain, to the best of my abilities and with ample preparatory research previously conducted, the appropriate level of formality between us, based on a number of factors, primarily examples of a similar nature.
author:spicyshimmy  fandom:star-trek-aos  pairing:kirk/spock  length:250k+  2013  au  arranged-marriage  epistolary 
september 2018 by magalisays
strive seek find yield - waldorph
royalty arranged marriage AU, but *not* the epistolary one

author desc:
Spock is heir to the Federation throne, Jim is Prince of America because his fucking brother abdicated, and the Klingons are on the verge of blowing shit up--a love story.
fandom:star-trek-aos  pairing:kirk/spock  length:50-100k  2010  au  arranged-marriage  category:m/m 
september 2018 by magalisays
a kingdom needs a queen lest it crumble and fall - Carissiima - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
In a kingdom far, far away, long, long ago, King Howard Stark's greed and hubris causes a war that ends with the destruction of not only his own life but also your parents. The Stark Kingdom all but collapses under the rule of his inexperienced son Tony Stark; trade failing, people dying, crops shriveling up into dust. The kingdom may be rich in metals and iron but it's poor in practically everything else.

Nearing the same age as when his father died, King Tony is struck with guilt for his people, for allowing a once great kingdom to become nearly nothing. To remedy this he makes one last desperate attempt to save his land by entering a courtship with the one and only princess of Midgard--you.
fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/oc  het  au  WIP  virgin  arranged-marriage 
august 2018 by as_lld_again
sandersonsister - My What Now?
Kageyama wasn't sure how he ended up in this position. He was having a hard enough time with his new team. Why did Oikawa think it was a good idea to pretend to be his boyfriend?
fandom:Haikyuu!!  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Kageyama/Oikawa  canon-divergence  aged-up-characters  fake/pretend-relationship  bullying  unaccepting-parents  child-abuse  arranged-marriage  homophobia  happy-ending  words:45.000-50.000 
august 2018 by hear-the-rain
KaedeRavensdale - The Wind and the Lion
There's more than one way to end a war, more than one way to protect your people, and wedged between a rock and a hard place--or,rather, the fact that the Horde possesses the potential to create super weapons--Anduin is forced to turn to an unconventional solution which may bring the warring Factions together but will tear the Alliance apart.
What do you get when never melting ice meets ever burning fire?
fandom:World_of_Warcraft  year:2018  Rating:Mature  pairing:Sylvanas/Anduin  het  arranged-marriage  chosen-family  slow-build  violence  death!fic  enemies-to-lovers  kidnapping  words:240.000-260.000 
august 2018 by hear-the-rain
Heronfem - Louder Than Words
In order to secure ties with the Inquisition, the Archon offers up one Dorian Pavus to be married to the Inquisition's Commander. This would be just fine with Dorian... If he spoke the language of the land he was moving to.
fandom:Dragon_Age  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Dorian/Cullen  arranged-marriage  words:5.500-6.000 
july 2018 by hear-the-rain
A Perfect Arrangement - KouriArashi - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
To keep the peace between the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders, a treaty designates an intermarriage between the two groups every seven years. Alec isn't exactly happy to be chosen, but then he finds out that his intended is nothing like what anyone expected.
13k  arranged-marriage  magnus/alec  family  parental-abuse 
july 2018 by katereis
Kishirokitsune - I'll Take Her Place
When Allura breaks the news that she is to wed Prince Lotor in order to contitnue the peaceful relationship between Altea and Daibazaal, Pidge knows that she has to do something to change that. And so, with a little help, she comes up with a new plan. A better plan.
fandom:Voltron:Legendary_Defender  year:2018  Rating:Teen-and-Up  pairing:Keith/Pidge  AU  arranged-marriage  mutual-pining  slow-build  WIP  words:60.000-70.000 
march 2018 by hear-the-rain
Coming to Terms - Unforth - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
His mother is arranging a marriage for him - he doesn't know to whom, but he knows it's happening, and soon - and before he ties the knot (figuratively and literally) Castiel wants to have an experience all his own: he wants to bottom for an alpha.

Nervous, terrified, Castiel goes to Palmeton’s red light district and hires Jensen, a gorgeous young alpha prostitute who smells like fresh-cut grass and sunshine and lemonade. With Jensen, Castiel finds the courage to ask for what he wants.

Being knotted is amazing. Castiel’s not an omega, but…but being with Jensen - who's real name turns out to be Dean - is everything Castiel has dreamed of.

fandom:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  slash  arranged-marriage  au  longfic  dogfuck-rapeworld 
march 2018 by as_lld_again
A Truth Universally Acknowledged - problematic_guilty_pleasures - Black Panther (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
“Because N’Jadaka survived, and because you survived…” His mother trails off without looking away. Her back is straight and stiff. “You technically both have a rightful claim to the throne. And per the council, there are limited options regarding how to proceed.” She moves closer and lays a placating hand on his shoulder. “None of them are ideal.”

“What are the options?” T’Challa asks.

“Another battle. Truly to the death.” Her voice shakes ever so slightly.


She swallows uneasily. “Or dual kingship, a kingdom lead by the two rightful heirs.” A pause, and T’Challa braces himself for his mother’s next words. “It must be done by marriage.”
fandom:avengers  pairing:t'challa/killmonger  slash  arranged-marriage  WIP 
march 2018 by as_lld_again
Let us see the sunrise this time - MildSpinning - Black Panther (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
Surely a promised bonding between T'Challa and the first Omega born to the Royal Family in centuries shall bring Wakanda to new heights of prosperity?

fandom:avengers  pairing:t'challa/killmonger  slash  au  dogfuck-rapeworld  arranged-marriage  WIP 
february 2018 by as_lld_again
claimedbydaryl - the last dragon-blood king
Katsuki Bakugou was the heir to a forgotten throne, reigning lord and warden of the Fyre Isles, a famed warrior of vicious repute in the Western Seas, and he would be wed to Izuku Midoriya by the day's end.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2018  Rating:Explicit  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  AU  Alpha-Beta-Omega  arranged-marriage  AU-royalty  slow-build  hurt/comfort  knotting  angst  words:100.000-120.000  heat/rut-fic 
january 2018 by hear-the-rain

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