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NIP 25 | Taylor Bratches by Neptunian Influence | Free Listening on SoundCloud
NIP 25 | Taylor Bratches by Neptunian Influence Neptunian Influence Podcast, Twenty-Five | Featuring @taylorbratches In anticipation of the third annual Neptunian Influence party during Movement in Detroit, we are delighted to present a mix by one of the DJs who will be serving up your musical brunch! Feast your ears on this Detroit-inspired soundscape for which Taylor Bratches says she put her "best electro foot forward." A lifelong poet and dancer, her relationship to rhythm is intimate and ever-evolving. By creating dynamic sets that range from breakbeat, electro, IDM and leftfield techno to more polyrhythmic and arhythmic varieties of dance music, she seeks to curate an experience for the mover that is both embodied and transcendent, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. She curates the podcast Walking and Falling, an extension of the Chicago-based / Smartbar-affiliated collective and mentorship program for female-identifying and non-binary DJs. Catch her at our party in Detroit this Saturday, May 25 alongside Carlos Souffront, ADAB and Leesh. On June 14, she'll debut at Smartbar alongside Powder, Kiddo & Sassmouth for Walking and Falling. Taylor and I met at the Walking and Falling mentorship program in October 2017 and we've been friends ever since. Cheers to our friendship and musical bond! | Tracklist | Arpanet - Gravitational Lens Simo Cell - Storm Seven Lithium Parasites - Sadomasochism Versalife - Normal Behavior? London Modular Alliance - Brockie Dek Anthony Rother - Hacker Andrea Parker - Invasion Detroit in Effect - Work It Kris Wadsworth - Infiltrator Illektrolab - Amnesia Hazed Pip Williams - Outer Limits 214 - Windeye London Modular Alliance - Advance and Proceed Skee Mask - Junt Versalife - Q/AD 214 - Potential Events Main Engine - Aes Khana Meet you in the Great Dark Spot <3
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An Atlas of Cyberspaces- Historical Maps
Sorry, the Cybergeography Research web pages are no longer being updated. The project ran from 1997-2004, but my research has moved away into other areas (see my blog for latest). If you have any questions or comments, please email me at: (at) via Pocket
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