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12 New Yorker education articles to read while the archives are free - Vox
The New Yorker has made its archives since 2007 (and a few articles from before that) free for the next three months. That includes some great journalism on education — a tour of the biggest debates in K-12 and higher education. If you need something to read on your next flight, want a break from beach reading, or are aiming for a better grasp of the American education system before the kids go back to school this fall… here's your summer reading syllabus.
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Education secretary pushes need for financial literacy - Pensions & Investments
Financial literacy needs to be a staple of the American education system, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said at Pensions & Investments' Investment Innovation and the Global Future of Retirement conference.
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Arne Duncan talks about ratings and student debt in expansive interview @insidehighered
Like many of his predecessors, Education Secretary Arne Duncan is known mostly as a K-12 person; that’s his background and clearly his passion, and much of the department’s work is in what happens to students before they get to college. And not surprisingly, as a result, his public speeches and statements tend to veer toward K-12 (and increasingly early education) more than higher education.
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College-Rating System Will Go Forward, Duncan Says - Government - The Chronicle of Higher Education
The U.S. Department of Education plans to continue its push for a college-rating system, even if Congress doesn’t shell out the $10-million the agency is requesting to develop the program and put it in place.
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Duncan Defends Ratings System to Congress | Inside Higher Ed
Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Tuesday defended the Obama administration’s proposed college ratings system to several Republican lawmakers, who criticized the plan. Testifying before the House appropriations subcommittee that oversees the department’s budget, Duncan said that the college ratings system was needed to provide students with better information and to provide more accountability for taxpayer money. The department’s 2015 fiscal year budget request seeks $10 million to help develop the ratings system.
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Flying under the radar? Analyzing Common Core media coverage - Education - AEI
When US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke to the Society of News Editors in June 2013, he opened by saying, “Traditionally, this event has been an opportunity for federal leaders to talk about touchy subjects. For example, you asked President Kennedy to talk about the Bay of Pigs. So, thanks for having me here to talk about the Common Core State Standards.”
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Details of gainful employment proposal expected Friday | Inside Higher Ed
This morning the Obama Administration plans to release its eagerly awaited "gainful employment" standards for vocational programs at for-profit institutions and community colleges.
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College ratings proposal is already leading one university to change admissions standards | Inside Higher Ed
Of all the criticism leveled at the Obama administration’s plan to rate colleges, perhaps the most widespread critique is that a ratings system will harm disadvantaged students' access to higher education.
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Duncan Invites Student Feedback on College Access and Affordability | Blog
At a recent convening at the U.S. Department of Education’s headquarters, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan turned to a group of student experts for answers to the college accessibility, affordability, and completion challenges America faces today. The 15 high school and college students – who brought their firsthand knowledge to the Student Voices session from D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania — identified key improvements to the college application process throughout a conversation with Secretary Duncan and Under Secretary Martha Kanter.
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Public-University Group Offers Alternative to Obama's College-Rating Plan - Government - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Rather than rate colleges, the Obama administration should hold them accountable through expanded disclosures and tightened standards for receiving federal student aid, the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities argues in a response to the president's college-affordability plan.
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Education Groups Urge EdSec Duncan To Protect Student Borrowers
A prominent group of colleges, students, and teachers allege that the U.S. Department of Education fails to provide the basic consumer protections to students borrowers. The education group said the Department fails to enforce the law that is designed to offer consumer protections to millions of Americans who take out loans.
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A Year to Remember - Higher Education
When advocates of higher education opportunities for racial minorities reflect on the 2013 academic landscape, their observations are more akin to describing a ride on a road with many bumps, surprising turns, only a few smooth straightaways and signs raising as many questions as providing clear answers about reaching the destination.
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Community College Spotlight | Carnevale: We need practical pathways
Students need a choice of practical pathways, including career tech says Georgetown economist Anthony Carnevale in a New York Times interview.
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Duncan defends Obama’s college-rating plan; Napolitano had voiced skepticism about idea - The Washington Post
Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Friday defended a federal initiative to begin rating colleges on value and performance, one week after a former peer in President Obama’s Cabinet, who now heads a major university system, expressed skepticism.
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Arne Duncan: College rating system to spotlight good deals for the money
Going to college has never been more important — or more expensive — says U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The federal Department of Education is working on a college rating system, expected to go live next fall, that will promote college affordability and value.
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Duncan lays out rough timeline for developing college ratings system | Inside Higher Ed
The Obama administration expects to have a first draft of its college rating system by this spring, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Wednesday.
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