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Dining in Diaspora
Armenian American cooking site
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Members of the Twin Cities community criticized U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tuesday for not supporting a meas…
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Armenian cultural heritage in Turkey - Wikipedia
Notable writers from this period include Siamanto, Hagop Baronian, Vahan Tekeyan, Levon Shant, Krikor Zohrab, Rupen Zartarian, Avetis Aharonyan, Atrpet, and Gostan Zarian.

The 19th century beheld a great literary movement that was to give rise to modern Armenian literature. This period of time during which Armenian culture flourished is known as the Revival period (Zartonk). The Revivalist authors of Constantinople and Tiflis, almost identical to the Romanticists of Europe, were interested in encouraging Armenian nationalism. Most of them adopted the newly created Eastern or Western variants of the Armenian language depending on the targeted audience, and preferred them over classical Armenian (grabar).
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july 2019 by cmananian
Chart: Armenia is the world's angriest country : europe
"In my country, 'angry as a turk' is an expression."

Also a ton of salty as fuck French people in the comments.
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may 2019 by cmananian
Armenian Literature, History, Religion, etc. is an electronic library featuring a huge collection of documents on Armenian literature, history, religion and anything else Armenia-related.
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september 2018 by cmananian
Love, L.A. style: Mom, Dad, I'm dating an odar | 89.3 KPCC
Odar is not a bad four-letter word, and doesn’t connote racism or prejudice; rather it’s just a tool for parents to classify who you should and shouldn’t date.

That being said, Armenians constitute one of the biggest diasporas in the world, meaning that there are many more Armenians living in odar lands rather than Armenia, Los Angeles playing host to most of them. Therefore, being able to acclimate, acculturate, and assimilate with odars is second nature, and the word became functional in helping Armenians identify other Armenians in the maelstrom of humanity.

Even though odar is used lightly, underpinning the word is a feeling of anxiety and the subconscious, and very real threat of extinction: Enduring 3,000 years of foreign invasion, a genocide and a scattered diaspora, the word odar, just like the “IAN” and “YAN” suffix at the end of Armenian last name, has played more of a role in preservation rather than isolation, helping keep together a people whose population has ebbed to 6 million and whose language has been included in UNESCO’s world’s atlas of endangered languages.

You don't have to have much Armenian in you, however, to be considered Armenian. We like to think that Princess Diana, who was 1/64 Armenian, was not an odar.
july 2018 by cmananian
In the land of the massacres, the very last Armenians have been finally been found | The Independent
Following journalist and writer Avedis Hadjian across the mountains of eastern Turkey, through the snows and winds and those high villages which clasp to the rock of what was western Armenia before the Armenian genocide, is a bit like roaming the lands of Ninevah if Isis had won. Imagine the converted Christians clinging to their land under the clothes of Islam if Isis had not been destroyed, the Yezidi sex slaves sold into marriage but still passing on to their future children and grandchildren the fragments of a past life and an ancient language. For what was discovered by Hadjian in the fastness of Mush and Bitlis and Urfa and Erzerum and Marash was the bottom of the pond of history: the very last Armenians to survive in the land of massacre.
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june 2018 by cmananian

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