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The Water Wars of Arizona - The New York Times
19 july 2018 climate change mentioned a couple of times
groundwater  Arizona 
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Kirsten H. Engel | College of Law
recommended by Bauer, put on media note July 2018/
Arizona  water  expert  climate_scientist 
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Bonnie Colby | AREC
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expert  climate_scientist  water  Arizona 
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Great meeting today discussing ways & can continue to advance a collaborative relationship…
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Explore the Arizona Trail – The Arizona Trail
800 miles

The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a complete non-motorized path, stretching 800 diverse miles across Arizona from Mexico to Utah. It links deserts, mountains, canyons, forests, communities and people.
arizona-trail  arizona  long-distance-trails-multi-month 
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As I mark this at home in , my thoughts are w/ the brave & selfless patriots serving aroun…
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