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Where Self-Driving Cars Go to Learn - The New York Times
Arizona’s promise to keep the driverless car industry free of regulations
has attracted dozens of companies, including Uber, Waymo and Lyft
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18 days ago by brendanmcfadden
Yesterday I was deeply blessed to give away my little girl at a ceremony with family & friends in . Congrat…
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23 days ago by cstarrett
How One Woman's Digital Life Was Weaponized Against Her | WIRED
Amazing story of cyber harassment, a love triangle gone bad, and dangers of Internet affairs
cyber  bully  sext  case  washington  marriage  arizona  fbi  trial  mediation  privacy  forensics  tor  hack  harassment 
29 days ago by csrollyson
RT : Deeply disturbed by a new study showing in 2016, veterans were 4 times more likely to commit suicide…
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4 weeks ago by userX
Bill Gates invests $80 million to build Arizona smart city - CNNMoney
A group associated with a Gates investment company has invested $80 million in a high-tech planned development outside Phoenix.
thi-week-404  Around-the-web  Matt  arizona  southwest  microsoft  phoenix  tech  technology  high-tech  smart-cities 
4 weeks ago by areadevelopment
Learning to Learn: Collaborative Learning Spaces | UA@Work
The UA has begun overhauling spaces across campus – big and small – to create environments that foster interaction and hands-on activities.
uanews  ua  arizona  learning  ideas  active-learning 
4 weeks ago by lenards

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