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| Société de sauvetage du Québec
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Vendredi, 15 mars, 2019
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Dimanche, 17 mars, 2019

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3 days ago by lutzray
"Je suis foutue, maman" : avant le procès de proxénètes, une mère de famille raconte le cauchemar vécu par sa fille recrutée via les réseaux sociaux
"Elle était souvent sur internet, mais moi je ne surveillais pas. Je ne me suis pas inquiétée"... Une gamine de 15 ans, et bien elle ne doit pas être laissée seule sur un ordinateur... Les réseaux sociaux sont extrêmement dangereux... A quel moment les gouvernements vont ils prendre des mesures pour protéger nos enfants ?  
ariane  kids  internet 
june 2018 by lutzray
Ariane The Famous Stock Image Model - YouTube
A short video made out from hundreds of ads starring by the stock image model Ariane
stockphoto  ariane  video  animation  installation  youtube 
june 2018 by gwippich
Bad coordinates led Ariane 5 launch astray, investigators conclude -
"The European Space Agency-led independent enquiry commission concluded that Ariane 5’s inertial navigation system was fed the wrong azimuth. That sent the rocket 20 degrees off course, causing alarm nine and a half minutes into the mission when Ariane 5 left the view of the ground station monitoring its intended path."

"SES-14 and Al Yah-3, the two satellites aboard the rocket, are both healthy but will need extra time to reach their operational orbits and enter service. "
Ariane  ESA  space  launch  errors 
february 2018 by pierredv
ArianeGroup stands up GEOTracker service to watch geostationary arc -
"France’s Joint Space Command on Dec. 14 became ArianeGroup’s first customer for GEOTracker, a network of ground-based telescopes monitoring the geostationary arc some 36,000 kilometers above the Earth, the orbit where most large satellites reside."

"Commercial space situational awareness (SSA) companies, notably Analytical Graphics (AGI) and ExoAnalytic Solutions, have gained market traction providing satellite operators with information about the space environment, including issue warnings when objects in space are on a possible collision course."

"Another commercial SSA company, LeoLabs, is using ground-based radars to track satellites and debris exclusively in low Earth orbit. Lockheed Martin, meanwhile, is building the Space Fence radar system for the Air Force capable of monitoring GEO and low Earth orbit, with full service slated to start in 2019."
SpaceNews  Ariane  SSA  SpaceSituationalAwareness  France  AGI  satellite 
january 2018 by pierredv

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