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Issues · w3c/aria-practices
WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices, maintained by ARIA WG - w3c/aria-practices
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yesterday by skoolbus39
Warning 3 (in as many days): don’t use ARIA if you don’t understand it.
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2 days ago by oliver.turner
Nutrition Cards for Accessible Components A11Y Expectations
A11Y Nutrition Cards is an attempt to digest and simplify the accessibility expectations when it comes to component authoring. Based on the WAI ARIA Authoring Practices Guide.
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3 days ago by Gwendoux
Describing aria-describedby
A well-designed user interface (UI) should clearly identify important content and controls. Often people correlate this to using prominent visual cues to help guide individuals through a task or point
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9 days ago by stuarth
Describing aria-describedby
When building inclusive experiences, developers may need to look beyond the native accessibility of HTML elements and use ARIA attributes to augment the semantics of the HTML language. One such ARIA attribute, aria-describedby, provides the means to associate an element with the text of another object, or objects, in the document. When properly used, this attribute can provide the necessary information to assist in creating inclusive user experiences.
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10 days ago by spaceninja
Accessible Breadcrumb Navigation
Examples of a breadcrumb navigation using aria-label to provide an accessible name, and aria-current to indicate the currently active link.
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10 days ago by spaceninja
Site Accessibility: Getting Started With ARIA
HTML is the predominant markup language online, being used by nearly 83% of existing websites. While there have been some changes in the 25 years since its creation, even newer iterations, such as HTML5 and AMP, leave a lot to be desired—especially when it comes to accessibility.
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11 days ago by kogakure
Aria's Fanfic
Aria's Due South & Doctor Who Fanfic on AO3. She's in my folders.
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11 days ago by blissthisway
7 Ways To Make Your Web Application More Accessible
Yet accessibility isn’t just about providing a way for people with disabilities to access your content. Writing accessible code also has positive implications on web app performance or SEO rankings. Thus, let’s delve into the seven ways you can make your web app more accessible. (I promise, it’s easy).
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16 days ago by spaceninja

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