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accessibility - Using aria-sort in validated HTML5 - Stack Overflow
"As @CraigFrancis comments, this issue has been raised in the validator’s mailing list, where a message refers to a bug report. The bug has been closed on the grounds that the validator’s behavior is correct, as per the specifications. This means that if you use aria-sort, you need to explicitly set role to columnheader or rowheader, even if you have the scope attribute."
aria  tables  sorting  accessibility  a11y  2017 
8 days ago by handcoding
Accessible design patterns
webdev  wai  aria 
16 days ago by hail2u
Va11yS | developerWorks Open
"Va11yS, or Verified Accessibility Samples, is a repository of live working code samples that designers and developers can easily access to test with different assistive technologies and tools.

"We built the initial samples using code snippets found in the Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. The aim is to keep these code samples simple so that developers can view them and quickly implement the ideas into their own code."
ibm  accessibility  a11y  github  aria  widgets  2017 
17 days ago by handcoding
The Visual ARIA Bookmarklet
To visually observe ARIA usage within web technologies, including ARIA 1.1 structural, live region, and widget roles, proper nesting and focus management.
accessibility  tools  ARIA 
26 days ago by alastc

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