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Level Access — How Not To Misuse Aria States, Properties And Roles
"You might be tempted to put aria-selected on links to simulate toggle buttons or to indicate that a checkbox is checked. These are incorrect uses of aria-selected –  a checked and selected state are not the same. Use aria-pressed for toggle buttons – that is the only place where aria-pressed can be used. Selection indication is most often used when a control can have multiple items selected such as options in a listbox or rows in a grid, or to indicate that something is active but not focused such as a page tab.

"Only use aria-selected with these roles: option, tab, menuitemradio, treeitem, gridcell, row, rowheader and columnheader. Currently the ARIA spec indicates aria-selected can be used with radio buttons, but this is not a correct use of the property."
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Practical ARIA Examples
"Some practical ARIA examples to enhance your application accessibility"
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WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1
Cómo usar las etiquetas ARIA en elementos interactivos
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