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How Argyle Data Uses Facebook’s PrestoDB and Apache Accumulo to Detect Fraud
"“A rule, by definition, is about an experience of old, previous fraud,” explains Ian Howells, Argyle Data’s CMO, in an interview with The New Stack. “Rules don’t discover new fraud. We’re moving from rules to sophisticated machine learning. The whole thrust is, instead of discovering what you know, discovering what you don’t know, because criminals are continually evolving.”"
technology  top  stories  apache  accumulo  argyle  data  arshak  navruzyan  ian  howells  machine  learning  prestodb  tom  ryan  (argyle  data) 
march 2015 by jonerp
Sleeperhold [Argyle]
After, he disappears. It comes to him easily, instinctively, as if hardwired. Which of course is the truth of it. He kicks over a charity clothing dropbox and takes what he needs. And he picks his bloodied uniform clean, pockets anything of value, before stuffing it in a trashcan two blocks from the Lincoln Memorial and making his way back down the Mall.

It's there that he sees Steve again. Steve's wide, open eyes are staring out from the side of a bus shelter, larger than life and twice as bright: an advertisement made to look like one of those damned V for Victory posters that had always stopped Steve in his tracks. Steve'd mooned over those things like he was looking at no less than Betty Grable in her unmentionables—
avengers  steve/bucky  PG  argyle  captainamerica  wintersoldier  angst  hurt/comfort 
may 2014 by pouncer
Argyle Fighters - Sci-Fi pattern shirt by Ian Leino
RT @JonnySchnittger: Brilliant idea, I really want one of these (currently sold out) #starwars #argyle  argyle  starwars 
december 2013 by paulmwatson
Even Mollusks Have Weddings [Argyle]
That mad fellow from Alice's kids' story was Hatter's granduncle. Hatter never envied him the fame, but nor did he truly appreciate what it was like to inhabit a world turned topsy-turvy by a girl in a blue frock. After all, Granduncle H's ravings were not to be paid an awful lot of mind, and anyway it had all happened so very long ago.

And then Hatter met her: Alice of now, Alice of legend, simply Alice.
alice(syfy)  alice/hatter  PG  argyle  het  yuletide  from delicious
january 2013 by pouncer
Fuzzy Logic: Lace Twist-Stitch Argyle Pattern: Chart, Directions, Stitch Key
"The goal in designing this fabric was to see if I could line up the twist stitches with the yarnovers in an interesting and pleasing way, using texture to give an argyle effect that's usually given with color."
knitting  patterns  argyle 
february 2012 by HouseholdOpera

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